Unrequited #2

No, really. It has just happened again.

I’ve just had to sit down and smile while ANOTHER man that I like tells me all about someone else he’s now seeing.


Stupid, stupid girl. Again.

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11 Responses to Unrequited #2

  1. azahar says:

    Does he have a brother?

  2. piereth says:

    Ferk. Nightmare. All’s I can think is that he must be either blind or an idiot.

  3. ombudsben says:

    hang in there; all this happens just to help you appreciate the right one when he shows up.

  4. truce says:

    Thanks all :)

    The worst of it is that its an ‘office romance’ and has to be secret, and I find keeping secrets REALLY HARD, if not downright impossible…

    However, on the plus side, the more I find out about it the more I realise he’s not the man I thought he was. He’s married and has cheated before, for a start, and this new romance has just contributed to the break down of the ‘other woman’s’ engagement.

    So, all in all, other than my pride being a little bruised and that I’m feeling dumb for not having seen what was going on sooner, I’m actually pretty okay about it.

  5. azahar says:

    “All’s I can think is that he must be either blind or an idiot.”

    Sounds like piereth was right about the idiot part. You didn’t know he was married? As for the ‘other woman’, it sounds like her ex-fiance is better off without her.

    I have no sympathy for liars and cheats.

  6. truce says:

    Me neither. And I had been being very sympathetic to the other woman over the break up of her engagement… til I heard this.

    If you can’t keep a vow, don’t make ‘em.

  7. azahar says:

    Well quite.

    You seem to have made a lot of wonderful friends there so far. I’m surprised you haven’t had ten fabulous guys fall in love with you already. How long are you planning to stay in Sydney?

    And how goes the flat hunt?

  8. piereth says:

    The truth will out – you’re well shot of him!

  9. truce says:

    Ah, only the wrong kind of guys seem to fall in love with me: the weak ones who want a partner who will lead, make the decisions and generally organise and look affter them. Which fills me with (familiar) horror! The ones I like (who challenge me, make me laugh and would be able to look after me as much as I look after them) just want to be ‘mates’. Not entirely sure what to do about it.

    Flat hunt still ongoing – saw a couple of pretty dingy & damp places last week so I’m hoping this week will be better. :)

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