I inadvertently seem to have taken a break from blogging…

.. the reasons for which are many, varied and not limited to:

a) our new office is open plan so everyone can see everyone else’s computer screen, which makes using teh intertubes that much more tricky during office hours and I don’t have a computer at home (to avoid the temptation to work when I’m supposed to be playing)

b) having recently got engaged and then having to fly back here to the other side of the planet, leaving my love in Blighty, almost every spare minute has been spent emailing, texting and skyping each other like a pair of demented 16 year olds

c) the reasons I began blogging originally were, at least partly, to help me articulate, examine and resolve personal issues that were holding me back and dragging me down. I feel as though that work – while never finished – is certainly at a point where I’m more self aware and better able to live in a healthy way, both physically and emotionally

d) I’m now using facebook much more and finding that, because it is instant and since it does not limit me to 140 characters (unlike twitter, which I have now abandoned), much of the twaddle I would have blogged about here instead goes there

I have also not been keeping up with reading the blogs I had been following, because a change of computer meant I lost all my RSS feed thingys.

HOWEVER… I am now off to try and catch up with everyone, and will be back here to regale (no one but) myself with more nonsense soon.


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4 Responses to I inadvertently seem to have taken a break from blogging…

  1. azahar says:

    Nice to see you back. I hope you don’t give up on blogging altogether as I never look at my Facebook feed – I just auto-post blog posts and tweets there. It would be a shame to lose touch, but I really cannot abide FB.

  2. David says:

    Nice to see you back, lovely one! Ditto Azahar…I think we’d all be happy to read anything you posted, even if it were just a lot of happy stuff. *Especially* if it were that. :-)

  3. I’ve noticed you on Facebook recently, but I also like the blog platform. You have the BEST reasons for being preoccupied, thank heavens they are happy ones! The personal growth thing is beautiful, congratulations and keep on the Path.

    I never did get the hang of Twitter and abandoned it within a few short weeks of being signed up for it by someone else who didn’t ask my permission to do so. I’m sure I still have a very inactive dead page somewhere.

    Personally, I love both blogging and FB — it took me a while to really get the hang of it but it is such a good way to keep in touch. The recent death of my friend Jeri’s husband has shown the true value of FB. The amount of love and support that can happen almost instantaneously, the fact that you don’t have to remember all those email addresses, people can network the news and info. It’s actually quite a valuable resource. Yeah, there are a bunch of moronic teenagers posting txtspk and inanitites, but you don’t Have to be Friends with them. Well, unless they are your nieces….

    What I really hated about FB was all the idiotic game notations that I really don’t care about cluttering up the news feed. But that is easy to deal with, you just block them once and they don’t come back. And I am perfectly capable of ignoring advertisements.

  4. modestypress says:

    I am now old (though still fairly healthy, even if my ticker is ticking a little too slowly and may need to be juiced with a pacemaker one of these years) and I am not tweeting and not facebooking,and depressing everyone with my blog so it is OK if you skip it.

    Anne Elise (once known as RG though she does not know this yet) is now tall, slim, seven years old, and followed by a huge collection of grandmothers, one of whom took her hiking in the Olympic Mountains recently, though fortunately they seem to have gotten out before some of forest on the mountain caught fire). She has learned to eat a variety of foods and demonstrate (most of the time) civilized table manners, so if a prince or princess proposes to her, she will be prepared to dine at a royal dinner without causing an international incident.

    I envision you as going on a deep dive and now popping up to the service (I hope without suffering the “bends”) and then diving back down again.

    When my wife and I were a lot younger, she loved the music of Donovan. The following song seems appropriate to the theme of diving deep into the ocean:

    Years later, we saw Donovan perform live in Portland, Oregon. He wasn’t quite a cute when we saw him in person, now quite a bit older. Well, none us of are, I guess, but we all keep moving as best we can. Congratulations on the good things that have happened and are happening to you.

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