little bit lonely, but mostly fine

What is wrong with me? I mean, really. What is it? How come everyone else on the planet seems to have someone special to share their life with but not me? Being alone sucks… but then being in a bad relationship sucked even more. Actually, being alone doesn’t suck at all most of the time and this feeling will probably pass… serotonin, dopamine, some sunshine and someone to flirt with. I need a good book. ‘The Divide’ is good – well written, sharply observed, interesting whodunnit – but not exactly an optimistic bundle of laughs and romance.

Apparently, I am a ‘Functioning Depressive’, i.e. someone who slaps a smile on while they’re unravelling. I’m better now, though damaged goods, but will I always feel this fragile – always be this worried that it could creep up on me again?

And what the hell am I going to do about this job/business?

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