gardening goodness

Spent far too much money in the garden centre on saturday morning. Not difficult as I have no money, so any money is more money than I can afford. Will be mostly eating baked beans on toast for the next couple weeks in consequence. But it was worth it!

Since moving in to my new flat with shared garden last Autumn I’ve been itching to get in there and garden… but had to wait til now to see what bulbs and perennials were already in there, lurking.

Looks like, along with a big old bamboo (complete with blackbird nest – very territorial, shrieked its head off at me every time I got too close), a couple of palmy things, a horrible old conifer covered in what looks like some kind of virginia creeper, a bed full of euonymous, a clematis, a lilac (with flowers in bud!!), a hydrangea, a rose, a lovely pale pink camellia, a gorgeous deep pinky-purple magnolia and a big fatsia japonica, we also have a selection of delphiniums (one of my favourites, although no way to tell what colour they’ll be yet, fingers crossed for a good blue), several different geraniums, something I think is phygelius and loads of brunnera/forget me nots and dandelions.

Did a bit of dandelion annihilation, but the buggers have got such tough deep roots its really hard to get them out with just a trowel. I am weak. I need to bring my hoe and other tools back from The Lodge. And I’ll have to keep going out there to stay on top of them… or we may be engulfed. The Dandelion Apocalypse.

Anyway, I’ve added ‘Red Robin’ tulips (variegated foliage which I don’t normally like plus the flowers are red which I also usually avoid, but I’ve made an exception in their case), cowslips, pinkish lupins, dark purple penstemons, double yellow holly hocks, deep blue delphiniums, and some giant spotted foxgloves because the bees love them so much. And so do I.

I planted them all in with blood and bone meal, which should help the roots get established and out-compete the weeds. But watering may be a problem – couldn’t find any standpipe outside so it may have to be a hose from the kitchen out of the living room window. Which is just asking for trouble, isn’t it? Comedy hose-soakings may well ensue.

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