“At what point in the evolution of uncertainty does one choose to act?” [Nat. Geog. May 06]

Sooner or later I/we are going to have to change the situation at work. Being nominally responsible for running a business, but where in reality the decisions affecting the company’s profits and cash-flow are made arbitrarily and without reference to me/us sucks. It is frustrating and demoralising, quite apart from the fact that it means we remain stuck on truly paltry wages.

Have done some research and identified a serviced office in central Norwich which would save the company approx £500-£900 per month (which could then be used to improve our wages and/or the IT and comms of the business), as well as saving W and my petrol costs driving to and from here every day. How cool would it be to be able to cycle to work every day, and to be in the heart of the city? Its not like we can really enjoy the gardens which surround us here – with these tiny high up windows we can’t even see outside.

We’re going to have to confront B with our desire to move… and she is not going to like it. If we move there’ll be nobody here to feed the cat, let the builders in, arrange oil deliveries, direct & pay the gardeners, pay the window-cleaner or pick her up and drop her off at the Station every week… She’ll need to get a housekeeper and get used to taking cabs to and fro. She won’t be happy.

But what can she do about it if we both effectively issue an ultimatum: “Either we move the Agency and get significant pay rises, or we set up an Agency ourselves… and take the artists and clients with us.”

I’ve never been motivated by money and I’m not materialistic or extravagant – but being this skint any longer is ridiculous, especially now the business can afford to pay us more.

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