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Met up with some of the other Norwich UK Flickrites on Sunday at the Forum for coffee, then trundled down to the Family Fun Day on St George’s Street to take pictures of each other taking pictures of each other taking pictures… you get the picture. Most of them had serious cameras with proper zooms and a variety of lenses and really know rather a lot about photography. Could have been intimidating, but actually they were all jolly friendly and relaxed.

In this pic I am doing a particularly uncanny impression of a granny with “a nice cup of tea”.

It turns out that Muddy’s lump was caused by fur mite which, while sounding rather skin-crawlingly grisly, is actually fairly straightforward and should respond to a couple of drops of stuff 10 days apart. Of course, after the trauma of having his bottom felt and then his teeth clipped (ow!) he hopped off in a ‘long-suffering martyr’ sulk and is unlikely to let me anywhere near him for at least a week now…

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