Jools & Rowan in the garden

Jools & Rowan in the garden

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Jools and Oly B were the two best people I ever shared flats with.

We had a lovely weekend – though there was an odd mix in the church of the traditional and the new. It was an Anglican ceremony for Rowan’s blessing with familiar but badly sung Hymns, rock hard pews and a lot of prayers that I felt uncomfortable saying and so either mumbled or ommitted. But the vicar was a woman and she did a role-play for the sermon about Jesus calming the storm on the Sea of Galilee, involving all the members of the congregation under 25. It was excruciating. A visiting group of young christians – called The Crusaders which is rather like calling a group of young muslims the Jihadists – provided most of the gangly, pimply and awkward enthusiasm. They’re on a summer camp and I really hope they’re all getting wasted and snogging each other behind their leaders’ backs. But I doubt it.

There was also a vicar from Nigeria and his wife, Moses and Lucy, who are in Hereford on a 3 year secondment or ‘Mission’. Excellent -we spent years sending Anglican missionaries over to Africa and now we’re so short of Christians to serve our dwindling congregations that we’re importing them back again. One in the eye for Livingstone et al.

The drive to and from Hereford didn’t seem as long as I was expecting and I got back to find that Beryl has agreed to a payrise of 10% back-dated to January. Cool.

And Mara and Matt had a great weekend in my flat :O)

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