"Every cloud has a silver lining". Rubbish.

Okay, let’s not over-dramatise here (wrings hands, gnashes teeth and wails piteously), but yesterday was a bad day.

First: There isn’t much illustration work out there (and/or I’m just not working hard enough at finding it), and what there is seems to be increasingly poorly paid. So I feel like a failure because I can’t keep the artists busy enough and earning enough. Is this once again the three year cycle with me and jobs?

Second: Met up with Ninou and Ed in the evening, and met two lovely friends of his, Dan and Heather, which was good… although I was in a foul mood and probably came across badly, too tired. Ed has started seeing someone new. Slight pang at the news but actually if it helps distract him from thinking about B then its a very good thing and it is making him happy which was very good to see. Of course, part of me wishes I’d been at the Wireless gig so I could have been the one to pounce on him when he was coked and e’d up to the eyes. Yet I would have been hurt when he’d said he wasn’t looking for anything more, so its probably just as well! But, like with Mara and Matt, everyone coming out of a long relationship needs someone to make them feel wanted and sexy again. So its all good.

Third: I STUPIDLY copied Tom C in on an email to a client which contained a concern about his artwork style that I shouldn’t really have made. He sent an understandably righteously indignant email back yesterday. Tried to call him to apologise this morning but got no answer so now I have to email him and resist the urge to try and justify the comment.

Fourth: letter from my landlord to say that the rent has been increased as of next month.

Right now, running away to sea as a pirate (or a dive master intern, yes, yes) is sounding really good.

*Note to self: canoeing with Activ-8 (www.activ-8.org) along river Waveney on Wednesday evening was wonderful. Do it more.

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