Sports massage hurts. I mean really painful. And bruising. Do not forget this. In fact, next time you think it would be a good idea to sort out the back and shoulder aches (the ones you bring on yourself by sitting hunched over a monitor/book/sketchpad, sleeping in funny positions and running on pavements) with an hour-long sports massage session, smack yourself on the head with a mallet and think again, girl.


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2 Responses to ow!

  1. elskermeg says:

    I’ve only had a massage once in my life. It was administered by a large German woman and it HURT! I keep telling myself I’ll try it again someday but quite frankly I think I’m better off soaking in a hot bath surrounded by candles and music.

  2. Trucie says:

    I think you are completely right Elskermeg! Next time I will try that – and I will try some of your recipes, too, which look mouthwateringly delicious :o)

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