powered by the sun

powered by the sun

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Big Green Gathering 2006. Wow. Didn’t want to leave and now can’t wait til next year.

A good night’s sleep means I’m not so emotional about it all now, but it had some real highs and lows.

Firstly though: Basket-Bodger (!) if you’re still reading this blog, its not going to go private because I’ve decided I don’t have anything to hide or be ashamed of – afterall you know how I feel already and you’ve made it clear how you feel. I have squished the completely unreasonable hope back into its box where it belongs and I won’t mention it again after this post.

So, the highs: the magic canyon lit up and dream-like, Olly arriving, bacon butties for breakfast, roots reggae being vividly explained with accompanying sound effects, our camp mates (both adults and children were a joy), Tamzin and Tamsin calling me in response to my self-pitying text, Dana’s text, colours everywhere, the warmth and kindness of strangers, sitting up wrapped in blankets talking til the wee small hours, flint-knapping, the showers, the floyd-y band and the two gypsy type skiffle-y bands, meeting Robin and Jessica, finding the drawing tent, the sunset on the drive back to Bristol, Elvis coming to bed with me, good healthy food, laughing a lot, dancing like noone was watching, being surrounded by people who are passionate about something, puppies and ponies, snoring in stereo, free-range kids, tents and camper-vans in many flavours, absence of advertising hoardings, spending all day outside, reading Defoe in the Library tent.

The Lows: being unrequited, leaving my torch in the loos, getting sunburnt, being stared at and talked about by women I’ve never even met, thinking Stella Artois would help, spirulina cakes, grown women in fairy wings, having to come home, not bringing my sketch book and pencils, losing my other self (where the heck has she gone? The confident, sexy, sassy, smart, serene, slightly aloof, womanly one? And why on earth did she leave the damaged and awkward tomboy geek in charge while she’s away?).

Next year I am determined to offer drawing and painting sessions during the day, somehow.

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