Designed For Life… just not mine.

Do You Want To Arm System?

Originally uploaded by norwichrocks.

This alarm system must have been designed by a man. You key in your code and it says “Welcome Back Master”… then it asks you robustly “Do You Want To Arm System?”.

If a woman had designed it, it would greet you with “Hi honey, wow, you look great, have you lost weight? Nice shoes.” Then it would go “do you want me to set the pingy-beepy thing?”

And now I find that our photocopier was designed by a man, too. Possibly the same one. We came in, turned it on and its little screen went “Error Malfunction C26” and flashed a little spanner picture at us… actually, the picture may in fact have been a wrench or a phillips screwdriver, for all I know.

Now a woman’s photocopier would have just gone “Morning! Oh, ow, there’s a bit of paper stuck down here somewhere… no, left a bit, yes, that’s it, pull it out nice and gently, there, that’s much better, thanks. Would you like a cup of tea now I’m up?”

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