On Not Being Entrepreneurial

Okay, so I have never really been entrepreneurial. In fact, I’ve never really been ambitious or driven either.

Although sometimes I’ve faked it when it seemed important.

And then I’ve only ever worked at each of my previous employers for a maximum of 3 years – I abandoned what I saw as the sinking ship before anyone noticed that it was probably me who’d put the big old hole in the bottom of the boat.

Success is somehow easier to see from the outside, isn’t it? From the inside it mostly looks like not yet having been rumbled.

So now I’ve been here for three years.

And my boss wants my role to become more focused on the part I like least, i.e. bringing in new business. And less on the part I really enjoy, i.e. working with the artists to research and create the illustrations.

Not that I’m not good at it once its underway – but I’m so lacking in drive that I will spend working hours doing all sorts of things instead of initiating it.

Even though I know it is both important and urgent.

Right – the Frankfurt Book Fair is in less than a month’s time. I must arrange some meetings with potential clients and some dinners with current clients.

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2 Responses to On Not Being Entrepreneurial

  1. Ed says:

    Tricky spot that. Had a long conversation with my friend Jack about this and think that one of the avenues you end up considering is that of ‘passion’. You can hold forth, do well, get work, and generally succeed in something, but that doesn’t mean you are passionate about it. Just means you can work the context and others need to hear someone doing it. The subject matter may or may not interest you. Which leads to a group hallucination of success, because not everyone is passionate about what they are doing, making do to make ends meet, and justifying their lack of passion by pointing to their career (in something they are not passionate about).

    But you are passionate about art stuff which is a good start; perhaps if you are passionate about the subject matter, you can suffer some of the entrepreneur stuff, it just depends how much. I am sure Rock and Roll stars get bored of some parts of their job; point being the balance is the key.

    Don’t ask me anyway (I know you didn’t and I’m waffling, but…), I just stomped out of a tax help workshop thing because my rage at mathematics is so great I can’t think straight when faced with a spreadsheet. No entrepreneur chances over here…

  2. Trucie says:

    Yes, indeed, you are right. Again. Passion in life – for what doesn’t really matter – is vital. Essential. I am passionate about both pictures and books (among other things) so in lots of ways this job is ideal. Just sometime the people make me fume inwardly for a bit. Then I calm down and remind myself how good I have it in comparison with most people I know.

    What are you passionate about? Not librarians, clearly :o)

    Mmm, maths rage, a familiar feeling. You should see the crossings-out in our job book, and that’s *with* the ‘aid’ of a calculator! Numbers just don’t make any ruddy sense and are boring, tedious, ennui-inducing and fundamentally wrong. In fact, they should be banned and replaced by the concepts of ‘some’, ‘some more’ and ‘rather a lot’.

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