Muddy & his bed

Muddy & his bed

Originally uploaded by norwichrocks.

Having run out of his pellet food on Wednesday so that he was ‘surviving’ on curly kale, spinach and pears (all I had in the fridge) I felt so guilty by the time I got around to going to the pet shop this weekend to buy more pellets that I impulse-bought him a new bed and several bags of bunny treats, plus a toy rattle shaped like a carrot. Cute.

He was completely unimpressed.

Aloof and nonchalant when invited to try the soft, cosy new bed. He just hopped round it all evening.

He did accept a few treats and allow me to stroke him while he ate them, but then disappeared back behind the sofa having given the carrot-shaped rattle a passing glance of supreme indifference.

This morning I discovered he had shredded one of my books under the coffee table to make a nice warm nest.

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