The Dark Side

Some people do not have a seething inky doubty mess below the surface.

No, I’m not making it up, its true.

I wonder what they think about?

Contentment must be nice.

One thing I’m certain of: they are not bloggers.

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2 Responses to The Dark Side

  1. Ed says:

    Actually plenty of the more well known (industry-specific) bloggers are very self satisfied, dare i say it, verging on the smug know-it-alls who love what they think and are dressing up the new wave of ‘web2.0 conversational interfaces’ (blogs) when in fact it is a wonderful way for them to show the world how clever they are. contentment probably is nice – it comes and goes as we all know – but always remember the land of the hounyms (gulliver) and how boring it is – although i suspect by contentment you mean ‘not thinking so much’..

  2. Jools Irving says:

    Insufferable wretches, how dare they be so self-satisfied 🙂

    You’re right though. There are some for whom doubt, particularly self-doubt, never enters the transoms. Self-doubt looks weak to these people so they’ve either trained it out of themselves or don’t admit to it ever, even when hammered.

    The evil lurking within me likes to imagine these fools putting their best foot forward on a Burma rope bridge and taking the inevitable plunge to the boiling seethe of the river below, their scream unfurling from their mouths like a banner…. *Machiavellian, Mandelson laughter and gleeful knuckle cracking as Jools sails over the edge of insanity*

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