It was bound to happen sooner or later

So, the internet dating thing. Time for an update? Right. Um.

Firstly, the Anaesthetist in Cheltenham wants to meet up. Do I want to meet up? Not sure. Where’s halfway between here and there, anyway? Bound to be some dreary place in the Midlands like Slough. But wait, isn’t there an Arboretum near Cheltenham? That would be nice. Or, given that he works in Bristol, he could maybe fly across here for a weekend. Its very cheap. But bad for the planet. Bad, bad, bad. So, Slough it is then?

Secondly – and this is the part that was bound to happen – a guy who was apparently at 6th Form College a year below me has got in touch through the dating site. I don’t remember him at all. Had to ask my brother. His memories of me were quite a surprise (the guy’s, not my brother’s).

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2 Responses to It was bound to happen sooner or later

  1. Jools Irving says:

    Well if you wanna come to the Narrow House Nuthouse you’re welcome – Chelters is about 40 mins drive! Anaesthesia, anyone?? Don’t mind if I do!!!

  2. truce says:

    begorrah, you’re right, *looks at Hereford and Cheltenham on a map*, thanks petal, I may take you up on that. And when are you coming over to Naarfak?

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