Get Your Hair Cut

Get Your Hair Cut

Originally uploaded by norwichrocks.

Cracking gig last night in the bar at the Art School. Felt completely at home in my cowboy boots and trilby sitting on the worn leather sofa drinking apple juice and chatting. Met some lovely, friendly, creative, genuine people and really enjoyed the toe-tapping banjo and mandolin music.

Note to self: Auto Harps are weird, but funky.

Really want to do a Fine Art degree and then specialise in Archaeological drawing. But how to fund a return to school?

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2 Responses to Get Your Hair Cut

  1. Jools says:

    Sounds a top funky idea to me! Archaeological illustration is such fun… it was one of my favourite courses at college, and I can’t even draw round my hand and make it look like a hand. Go, you intrepid artist, you!

  2. truce says:

    mmm, need to look into the financey side of it. Stop spending my money on diving holidays…

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