Jack, Jane and Miss Emery

Woohoooo! I’ve been signed up by another local Art Club to teach ten weeks of drawing and painting lessons on Tuesday evenings starting in the New Year.

Apparently, I was recommended to the Tuesday-nighters by “several members” of the Friday night class with whom I did five sessions a little while ago. Isn’t that cool?

I’m really quite proud of myself.

Plus, £450 will be most welcome after Christmas. 🙂 Cinderella, you shall have those new hiking boots!

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3 Responses to Jack, Jane and Miss Emery

  1. david says:

    fantastic news, the sort of moment that puts a smile on your face

  2. Piereth says:

    Well done – personal recommendations are worth a million adverts!!! Lovely to think of a pile of cash descending in the loooong months that is January….

  3. truce says:

    Thanks! 🙂

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