Not Even A Dilemma

My first boyfriend (we were only 18 so it was a long time ago) is coming back to the UK for Christmas and wants to meet up. His wife doesn’t know and she and their kids won’t be coming along.

This is not good, is it?

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8 Responses to Not Even A Dilemma

  1. Piereth says:

    Could be verrrrry interesting. Will you meet him?

  2. truce says:

    Nope. Not if he hasn’t told his wife about it. I’m not doing anything behind another woman’s back – It’s just not right, is it? Plus, even though it is platonic its going to look dodgy if its hidden.

  3. Piereth says:

    You’re right. His motives are somewhat suspect, and it’s a particularly nice touch to have told you that he hasn’t told his wife. Could he be any clearer?? Men.

  4. Tim says:

    still, she only has to put ‘trucie’ in google and she’s already found out 🙂

  5. laverneandshirley says:

    UhOh. Doesn’t look like a good idea … sounds like a midlife crisis. He probably has a toupee, beer gut, and a fast car that looks like a penis. Stay away.

  6. truce says:

    Tim – Good point. Oh dear. This is what comes of having a stupid name. I blame my mother.

    laverneandshirley – good advice, I will.

  7. Ed says:

    Meet up – just as long as the wife knows – it could be fun – he probably was a nice guy

  8. truce says:

    But that’s the point – the wife doesn’t know and he isn’t going to tell her. He was a lovely guy, though, and I’m sure he doesn’t mean anything dodgy, but I just don’t feel right about doing anything which is effectively behind his wife’s back.

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