A Genuine Offer

Okay, so the job offer is real.

Obviously I’d still have to interview, but apparently I’m their ‘top choice’. How amazing is that? I mean, I’m never top choice. For anything. πŸ™‚

It would be a 12 month contract initially, based in Sydney, working on a new series of children’s reference books Insiders. I’m familiar with the series because we’ve done the illustrations for the Egypt and Oceans titles already, and we’re illustrating Dinosaurs and Predators right now.

What’s to think about, right?

Of course, this would happen just at a time when the Agency is making more money than ever before, I’ve made a nice circle of friends locally and I’m getting along really well with the Cheltenham Anaesthetist! We’ve been talking on the phone every couple of nights since we met last week and he’s coming over to Norwich after Christmas. Maybe.

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11 Responses to A Genuine Offer

  1. helen says:

    these things always seem to come along at the most inoppertune times but norwich and all its friends will still be here in a years time! Maybe you can ask for a secondment from work or something…. As for the anethestist don’t know enough goss to comment but I think I’d prefer an aussie dive instructor!!

  2. truce says:

    Hmmm, dunno, every dive instructor I’ve ever met has been a chain-smoking and slightly paunchy waster!

    But you’re right, a year is no time at all.

  3. piereth says:

    God, what a wonderful Christmas present for you. I think that sounds amazing!!!! That country has your name written all through it like a stick of rock, lady.

    Sod the anaesthetist – head for the lucky country!!!


  4. cer!se says:

    well, what an amazing opportunity and great affirmation of your talents! A one-year trip is perfect – you can make the most of it all, even if it’s not perfect, without worrying that you’ve made a terrible mistake by relocating for good. And a year goes quickly…

    but we’ve only just met and made friends and I’ll be sad to see you go!

  5. laverneandshirley says:

    How exciting!
    A year goes by in a flash…
    …as do men πŸ˜‰


  6. truce says:

    Good points, ladies, thanks, I really appreciate it!

    They want me to start as soon as possible – in January if I can manage it – and they’ll pay me more than I’m being paid at the moment, as well as paying my travel costs. Its looking better and better.

    I’ve just spent the morning on the internet looking at Aussie visa requirements… apparently I’ll need a medical exam and chest x-ray (!) as well as a police check, all of which could take up to 40 days, so it’ll be early February before I could go I think.

    Now all I really have to worry about is how the Agency will run without 50% of its staff!

  7. cer!se says:

    better put some serious sunbathing accessories on your xmas list then…

  8. Piereth says:

    You mustn’t worry about the agency. They will manage and they will miss you – which might make them realise just how valuable you are to them. Either way, it won’t do them any harm and will be a salutary lesson.

  9. Ed says:


    there are good people out there too – Melissa, Ben, Dave, Martin and more wonderful people.

    you can scuba dive in sydney harbour. you can live within five minute walk from a beach where you can snorkel and see huge fish…

  10. Ed says:

    don’t forget you can buy suncream out there – and much nicer bikinis than you can here…

  11. truce says:

    Gill – after being in Mauritius and Kenya this year already I confess I already now own 9, yes 9, bikinis! Ridiculous, I know – but I’m always sure that the newest one is somehow going to transform me into a sexy beach goddess…

    Jools – yep, but its not the Agency that I worry about so much as the individual artists. They rely so heavily on me to keep them in work and thus keep their kids in shoes and marmite, and most of them don’t have the first clue how to ‘sell’ themselves or negotiate with clients. I feel as though I’d be abandoning orphans to a pack of ravening wolves.

    Ed – I don’t know any of those people, but I’m sure they’re lovely and it would be great to have a few intros when/if the visa goes through πŸ™‚ And you know me and suncream, I have plenty of it, I just forget to put it on!

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