I am a liability on the roads at night

I don’t understand how everyone can seemingly drive at night and still see where they are going.

I am completely blinded by oncoming headlights each time someone passes me in the opposite direction and regularly veer into the curb/ditch at the side of the road.

This is less than ideal since I have to drive along narrow, twisty country lanes every night in order to get home. And of course its frosty and foggy now, too, which does not help.

I’m beginning to feel that my drive home should be accompanied by the Benny Hill soundtrack…

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8 Responses to I am a liability on the roads at night

  1. pegasus says:

    as long as u r not termed as a road hazard it is ok

  2. laverneandshirley says:

    Have you ever had a bee in the car? I had to do some deep breathing until I could pull over because there was a bee in the car. And yes … the Benny Hill soundtrack could have been playing right along as well!

  3. truce says:

    So far, the police haven’t caught me, pegasus 😉

    Laverne – a bee in the car sounds like a real test of nerve! But if it were a wasp I’d instantly have started flailing my arms around and probably have crashed headlong into a tree… there’s just no reasoning with wasps.

  4. azahar says:

    I used to be quite a good driver. Then I moved to England, then to Spain, and didn’t drive for about ten years. And then I totally stupidly undertook a two-day driving trip with me doing all the driving on treacherous coastal roads … and that’s when I also found out that driving at night is the worst.

    You can read about it here if you like. Luckily (for myself and the population at large) my Canadian driving license has since expired and I haven’t got round to getting a Spanish one. Don’t think I’ll bother.

  5. truce says:

    Oh my god, azahar, I take my hat off to you! That almost trip to Gibraltar and the windy cliff top roads with tailgaters and horrible weather woukd have reduced me to a sobbing wreck.

  6. Ed says:

    one of my brothers’ godmothers used to drive around with a dead wasp in the car so that when the police stopped her (as they regularly did), she could say ‘there wasa wasp in the car’…

  7. I’ve been having the same problems with night driving; the glare from other headlights makes my eyes hurt and it’s difficult to see where you’re going with them shut 😯

    My route home from work takes me through country lanes too. Last week they were flooded; this week we can’t see more than a few yards ahead because of fog.
    To add to the fun, there’s always some boy-racer agitating to get past, who seems to have supernatural eyesight and driving skills – otherwise why would he want to drive two feet from my bumper.
    Mind you – it could always be some other old git who can’t see at night either and is scared they get lost 😀

  8. truce says:

    I must instantly procure a dead wasp for my car, that is sheer brilliance, Ed!

    Aberdeenquinie, I know, its easy enough driving along just following the tail lights of the car in front, its when you are the car in front that it all suddenly seems waaaay too bright and waaaay too fast!

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