Its Blooming Freezing

Rose rimmed with frost

Originally uploaded by norwichrocks.

Here’s something that I don’t remember having seen before: a rose in full bloom and with another bud already formed, now covered with tiny little frosty icicles.

The weather here in Norfolk on the East coast of the UK has been unseasonably mild this year. So much so that we not only had roses blooming last week, but the daffodils are pushing their pointy green noses out of the grass all along the drive.

Then Jack Frost put in a belated appearance this morning and has given us all a shivery shock.

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2 Responses to Its Blooming Freezing

  1. azahar says:

    Wow, just saw this photo you-know-where (you can say where if you want to) – congratulations! It really is a fabulous photo.

  2. truce says:

    Thanks azahar! I felt a bit silly sending it in to the Beeb and didn’t expect it to make it onto the website, so I’m really pleased! 🙂

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