The Media loves a Murder and I love Monty

Norfolk (where I live), Suffolk and Cambridgeshire form East Anglia – a rural English backwater where nothing much ever happens. Until now, sadly.

Five young women have been murdered in Suffolk recently. They all worked as prostitutes in Ipswich’s ‘red light’ district and all appear to have been killed by the same person. Their bodies were dumped in villages within a few miles of the city.

All of which would be dreadful enough, but for the ill-disguised delight that the news media – particularly the two local channels – are showing in the huge Police investigation which is underway to catch the killer. Last night two local reporters were even interviewing each other on the main TV news in order to string out the report further.

And don’t even start me on all the sanctimonious local churches who are holding (televised) memorial services for the dead women. Where the hell were they when those women really needed them? When they were having sex with maladjusted strangers in factory car parks to feed a drug habit they didn’t have the support to kick?

Which brings me on to Monty Don. I really admire that man and his, well okay, maybe a little naive but nonetheless practical, attempts to help a group of young drug addicts escape their addiction and the bleak lives that reinforce it through his home farm project. Go Monty!

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5 Responses to The Media loves a Murder and I love Monty

  1. laverneandshirley says:

    Those murders were in the news here in Canada as well. I’m glad to hear that they think they’ve found the monster who committed them. Very sad.

  2. azahar says:

    This made me scoff …

    He reminded the gathered journalists that they should exercise care in reporting the case. “Steven Wright stands accused of these offences and has a right to a fair trial before a jury,” he said.
    “It is extremely important that there should be responsible media reporting which should not prejudice the due process of law.”

    From this article.

    The reporting in the UK papers so far has been appalling – and didn’t the BBC print personal stuff about the first guy that was arrested (who has since been released)? Why would they start being ‘responsible’ now?

  3. Piereth says:

    Monty is a hero. He’s the right man for this job cause he’s been at the bottom himself. Massive nervous breakdown and suicidal and he fought his way back through the power of gardening – that’s his therapy. I know it works. I hope those children get all the benefits from his efforts – and their own.

  4. truce says:

    Laverne – I’m amazed the murders made the news as far away as Canada, but yes, let’s hope they’ve got the right guy this time.

    azahar – unbelievable isn’t it? The local TV news people were actually reporting while standing in front of the street name sign and pointing at the house of the first guy to be arrested (who was released on bail this morning), so crowds of people apparently turned up to hurl abuse.

    Jools – that’s why I identify with what he’s doing, because I can completely understand how the satisfaction of growing things and working outdoors helps to counteract illnesses like depression. Hopefully it will continue to have the same effect on drug addiction.

  5. cer!se says:

    Monty Don is very inspirational, I agree.. His book ‘from fork to fork’ was very enlightened, all about the simple pleasures of growing and eating your own veg. Such a great environmentally-conscious role model for telly gardening. Havent seen the new prog but I really hope it’s a success. Gardening – occupational therapy for the nation!

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