10 Things I have done today

What have I done today? Excellent question. Not much, as it turns out.

1. I have added dirt and dust to some Stegosauruses (plural?) in Photoshop.

2. I have sellotaped together 4 faxed sheets which make up one sketch of invertebrates on a european soft cliff habitat.

3. I have tried to explain how to foreshorten a unicorn. Don’t ask.

4. I have aah-ed over some tiny pink clothes bought by a friend for his granddaughter.

5. I have tried to figure out what the prehistoric human population of Alabama would have been wearing. Possibly, it would not be very different from what the current population of Alabama is wearing. I don’t know, I’ve never been to Alabama.

6. I have blogged.

7. I have reheated and eaten home-made sausage and three bean casserole. Delicious, even if I do say so myself.

8. I have fed the pheasants.

9. I have discovered that the visa I’ll need for the new job in Sydney will take 8 weeks. Drat.

10. I have given my boss a birthday present.

I want to go home now.

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21 Responses to 10 Things I have done today

  1. cer!se says:

    and go home you should – what a productive day with multiple bulletpoints of ten things achieved!

    (stegasuari, surely?)

  2. truce says:

    Stegosauri, yes, it must be! Hurray for you πŸ™‚

  3. laverneandshirley says:

    I think you have a headache, don’t you? I’m sensing that the stegasauri dust (even though it was in Photoshop) created some kind of allergic reaction (some people are very senstive!) so you need to go home, put on some fluffy slippers and watch some daytime TV.

  4. truce says:

    Yes, Laverne, you are quite right, I do have a bit of a headache. I must go home now, and I must stop for fish and chips en route. That will solve everything nicely.

  5. truce says:

    What 10 things have you guys done today?

  6. Laverne says:

    1. Filled the photocopier with paper
    2. Talked to worried student
    3. Talked to professor about how his drain backed up over the weekend.
    4. Blogged
    5. Emailed professor in New York about some documents
    6. Blushed because above professor (who I have never met and have no idea what he looks like) said I was “excellent”.
    7. Emailed Shirley
    8. Started work on something terribly important but too boring to type here.
    9. Admired a flicker who is in a tree outside my window.
    10. Re-read email where aforesaid professor said that I was “excellent”.

  7. truce says:

    That’s great, I can totally believe that you’re excellent! Go girl!!

  8. azahar says:

    “home-made sausage and three bean casserole”
    “I must stop for fish and chips en route”

    So much for that ‘eat veggies’ resolution, I see … πŸ˜‰

    1. Bought a new suitcase for the Barcelona trip
    2. Went to the bank
    3. Fixed the shower thingy in the flat next door
    4. Taught two English classes
    5. Made this for lunch (note veg)
    6. Posted this dress to a friend
    7. Did two loads of laundry
    8. Blogged
    9. Played scrabble with Nog
    10. Cuddled cats (a lot!)

    And now I’m going to have a glass of wine and a sandwich and watch Sopranos in bed on the laptop. πŸ™‚

  9. psychocandy says:

    1. packed up 2005 payroll documents for storage
    2. processed several checks
    3. took an hour-long walk in lieu of a lunch break (I’ve been doing this every day this year so far)
    4. made coffee
    5. brushed my teeth- twice
    6. placed service order with building engineers for some heating related “issues”
    7. drank coffee
    8. played a computer game
    9. compiled a grocery shopping list (it’s grocery day!)
    10. didn’t cheat on my “diet”- the changes are becoming second nature already!

  10. Lets see. 10 things I did today:
    1. Made a pretty good sausage and cheese omelette for breakfast.
    2. vacuumed the living room including moving all the furniture, then dusted.
    3. Blogged.
    4. Gave 3 massages
    5. Walked 2 miles with Ruby, the incredible bouncing dog.
    6. Started a new Robert Ludlum novel
    7. Reconciled the checkbook with the bank statement
    8. Practiced our ballroom dancing lessons with Jim
    9. Remembered to open the cold frames
    10. Practiced a Mozart Piano Sonata on the piano.

  11. Piereth says:

    As I was not working I did the following:

    1. Got up at 5am
    2. Went to baby singing club
    3. Bought a huge slippery piece of fish for dinner
    4. Played WWF wrestling with my overadrenalised son
    5. Had son photographed for local paper baby comp
    6. Coffee with friends
    7. Tidied house for homecoming husband
    8. Made dinner
    9. Drank three glasses rose while watching The West Wing
    10. Rescued son at 10pm from giant pool of vomit with attendant bathing & laundry thrown in.

    Quite a quiet one, actually!

  12. truce says:

    Wow! You’re all doing useful things, now I feel like a complete waster! :O

    azahar – that lunch looks delicious and reminds me of summer and so does the dress. Are you ugetting excited about the Barcelona trip? I was there for a few days once and loved it.

    psychocandy – Yay! Well done you on the diet and the long walk, that’s fantastic! I hope you’re really proud of yourself. What changes have you made to your diet?

    healingmagichands – sounds like a wonderfully creative and stimulating day! And I must follow your example and vacuum and dust my living room this weekend. Which Robert Ludlum novel are you reading?

    piereth – got up at 5am???? Remind me not to have children πŸ™‚ Ditto, point 10. What did you make for dinner? And are you going to post the baby photos?

  13. truce says:

    Oh and in the end, I didn’t have fish and chips last night – I made pasta with tomato, courgette, pepper and artichoke sauce. *pats self on back for eating healthy vegetable type dish*

  14. psychocandy says:

    Don’t feel like a waster, truce! Today, at work, I’ll be hard pressed to come up with ten things to do, which means I’ll be wandering around offering other people help. They always ask for help with crap stuff.

    The pasta sauce sounds lovely! Have a pat on the back from me, too, for eating the healthy veggie-type dish, too- just remember to give in to your naughtier urges from time to time, too. Eating healthy ALL the time gets a little boring if you don’t treat yourself once in a while.

    I must also dust my living room this weekend. There’s not much to vacuum, other than the couch, but the floor could probably stand to be washed again.

    I’m most proud of myself for using my lunch break for something beneficial. I normally would just eat at my desk, either working straight through, or reading a bit. It’s hard to read for any length of time, because people always interrupt (“oh, are you on lunch? I’m sorry…”) and bother me with work-related stuff anyway.

    So I’ve decided to put that hour to good use, and try to get myself an extra 60 minutes a day of exercise, weather permitting. Cool or even cold temperatures aren’t an issue, as long as we don’t have rain or snow. Come summer, I’ll have to find something else.

    Other than that, my “diet” changes involve putting a LOT fewer calories in. Since I don’t have time for a decent breakfast and lunch, rather than do takeout or scarf leftovers at my desk, I’ve been having a meal replacement shake for each. Two small snacks during the day- usually an apple, a handful or so of grapes, or a cup of raw veggies. For dinner, I allow myself anything I have a taste for, in reasonable portions. Weekends, I skip the shakes and allow either breakfast or lunch, in reasonable portions. It hasn’t been that much of an adjustment, other than learning that sometimes, when you feel hungry, you really don’t need to eat, and are maybe just bored or stressed or something… and find something else to do instead. Like take a LONG walk.

    The most difficult part for me is that I tend to eat too quickly, so I’m working on that, too.

    Sorry for rambling on so much!!

  15. truce says:

    no need to apologise, I like a good ramble!

    I should use my lunch hour to go for a walk, too, what a good idea. Staying at your desk just means that the phone keeps ringing and the email keeps pinging and people keep wanting stuff done!

    Don’t worry – there is no danger of me eating only healthy things all the time!!! Your diet sounds sensible, good for you. I find its much easier to eat healthily if I have breakfast though – a nice bowl of non-sugary cereal or porridge – much more tempting to snack otherwise.

  16. azahar says:

    Your pasta sauce did indeed sound lovely, truce.

    Yes, really looking forward to Barcelona … even dyed what’s left of my hair a nice deep chestnut this morning as part of my preparations.

  17. piereth says:

    T, I made a smoked cod mornay with spinach, carrots, courgettes & tomatoes form the latest copy of my Slimming World mag – D has demanded it again asap so it must have been ok!

    Photos – well, as soon as D recovers our homes computer’s hard disk which has gone to data heaven I can access my pluggable D drive which is where all the pix are. I’ll send you a copy of the paper photo tho’ – can’t believe I’m submitting to the paper in the first place but my friend B put me up to it!

  18. truce says:

    Ooh, chestnut sounds like a great colour for a winter holiday, az!

    piereth, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yum. πŸ™‚ And yes, would love to see a copy of the paper, I bet young master R is the handsomest chap in print!

  19. the particular Ludlum novel I am reading is “The Bancroft Strategy”. It is his latest work, released in Oct 2006. I used to be a Ludlum addict. I started reading his books when I lived in Alaska. My husband was a land surveyor, which involved long weeks of him being in the bush and me being at home by myself. I can recall evenings where I had terrified myself so effectively that I would not be able to come out of the loft because “they” might be out there to get me. This was at a time when many of his books had heroes and heroines that were being pursued and they generally didn’t know “why” they were in danger. Part of the game was figuring out the why.

    Anyway, I don’t know if I’m going to finish this story. Ludlum has gotten into a rut of writing the same story over and over again, and I am getting a little tired of the “rich conspiracy” angle. But this one has my interest so far, I may persevere for a while yet.

    Jim says he is amazed; I am the only person he knows who will finish a book, put it down, and say, “I didn’t like this book.” He feels that if he doesn’t like the book, he just doesn’t bother.

  20. truce says:

    I’m with Jim, I won’t persevere if I don’t like a book! But I can totally relate to how you scared yourself silly when you were reading on your own in the house – every little sound makes you jump! And it can be so disappointing when an author you enjoy gets stuck in a rut – its usually the publisher’s fault for wanting more of what has sold so well in the past, combined with fear of failing at something new.

  21. psychocandy says:

    I will usually persevere until I’ve finished a book, even if I don’t like it. For me to give up, I have to really hate what I’m reading.

    I’ve been terribly industrious and productive today. I’ve converted an enormous Word document into PDF, from PDF to picture files (PNG), and then imported the whole mess into Power Point for a presentation. It looks good, but I’d never needed to import like that before. I’ve also completed a massive report for all of the 2006 internal audits, been to the bank to make the deposits, and a whole lot of other stuff. I’m afraid I’ve set a dangerous precedent of productivity, and will be expected to perform at this level every day. πŸ˜‰

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