Yoga and Rabbits

Like a good girl, I have been practising my yoga a few evenings a week. I lay my mat out on the living room floor and off I go.

However, Muddy the House Rabbit seems determined to join in.

When I stand with my feet wide apart, he runs around them in a figure of eight, accompanied by little leaps in the air every few seconds.

When I lay down on my front and push up my top half, he sits on the small of my back, occasionally pushing against my spine with his nose.

It is rather difficult to do ‘corpse’ pose properly with a fat white rabbit (don’t tell him I said he was fat) sitting on your chest with his paws on your chin.

And I discovered last night that my yoga mat has mysteriously developed little nibble-sized scalloped edges.

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4 Responses to Yoga and Rabbits

  1. Piereth says:

    Figure 8’s?? He’s trying to tell you something – is this perhaps the equivalent of Rabbit Yoga? The Mudster’s pretty chilled…

  2. Laverne says:

    I start yoga again on Tuesday night with a friend. We’re going to a different instructor this time. Our first instructor was excellent … except for one thing. He made us all hold hands and take the energy from the person on our left and give it to the person on our right. I don’t want to hold hands with strangers … some of them were coughing and sneezing. Then we had to open our eyes and smile lovingly at the person across from us. We couldn’t do it. We giggled every time.

    Muddie is so CUTE! I hope he helps you to relax!

  3. Ed says:

    Cats are similar. An unnerring knack of being in *exactly* the wrong place…

  4. truce says:

    Jools, I think he’s just practising so he can show off when you come to stay!

    Laverne, that sounds like my idea of hell. But it just goes to show what a difference context makes to behaviour – if you were to smile lovingly at strangers on the tube you’d probably get arrested!

    Ed, I can completely believe that of Elvis!

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