Accommodating Accommodation

I’ve been looking at my options for accommodation in Sydney.

My goodness, there are some fantastic looking flats available – with balconies and harbour views, all mod cons, fully furnished and access to a shared pool and gym… for less than I’m paying currently in Norwich. Yay!

Clearly, it would be much cheaper to share a flat with another person(s). Especially since I want to make the most of my year there by living right in the very heart of the city.

But can I really live with other people again? I have pretty much lived alone for 6 years now, with no one to consult before I decide what to watch on TV, what and when to eat, what music to play, when and how to clean, how to decorate… I don’t have to be sociable when I get home if I don’t feel like it, I can just read a book. I don’t have to accommodate any one else’s annoying habits and irritating preferences.

All of that might be worth it for the person you love, but for strangers? No.

I’ll be renting a one bed flat, then, with a sofa bed for guests. πŸ™‚

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12 Responses to Accommodating Accommodation

  1. Teresa says:

    Good choice. Living with people is too student-ish, might as well make Sidney a grown-up adventure. Maybe pick up an Australian bunny (call him Dusty, better suited for the climate, I believe) to fill in for Muddy.

  2. Tim says:

    I’ve never lived on my own. I don’t know what you’re talking about πŸ™‚

  3. psychocandy says:

    I’ve had roommates and lived on my own, since I moved out of my parents’ home 19 years ago. It’s true that you can often get more apartment if you pool resources with another person, but I think if you’ll be getting all that for less than what you’re already paying in your present place, you should go for it on your own. Especially if it’s only for one year!

  4. piereth says:

    You won’t save much money by sharing but you will save yourself hassle by not!!! Splendid isolation is worth a fortune in my book.

  5. piereth says:

    … plus you won’t have any room mates putting a crimp in your social agenda, know what I’m saying.

  6. helen says:

    living on your own has distinct advantages when you want to invite that sexy lifeguard/scuba instructor round for dinner….

  7. azahar says:

    The best sharing situations I’ve ever had were when the apartment was clearly mine and the flatmate understood they were simply renting a room and had access to the other communal rooms (kitchen, livingroom).

    I spent eight years in an apartment in Seville sharing in this manner and most of the time it was fine. Also, all the tenants were short term.

    But if it’s just for one year abroad and if you can afford it, I’d say go for getting your own small place with a sofa-bed for visitors. Much less hassle.

  8. laverneandshirley says:

    I agree with Piereth … get your own place just in case you need some “privacy”.

  9. My daughter spent six months in Sydney and loved it. Apparently it’s quite unusual to get furnished flats. The usual thing is to hire what you need to furnish a flat from one of the many companies which provide this service.

    Have a great year down-under. I hope you keep blogging from there.

  10. truce says:

    Teresa – a grown up adventure! yes! πŸ™‚

    Tim – ah yes, but you live with beautiful people, and all is forgiven beautiful people…

    psychocandy – you’re absolutely right! Good advice, thanks.

    piereth – *snigger*

    hels – *wistful grin*

    azahar – Seville looks lovely, did you enjoy it?

    Laverne – I live in hope!!!

    aberdeenquinie – that’s an interesting suggestion, I’ll look into it – thanks! And I will definitely keep blogging from Down Under πŸ™‚

  11. laverneandshirley says:

    Unfortunately, since my move out here I have had to have roommates. And double unfortunately they have been male.
    The last straw for me was when I found porno movies in the common room – it was MY couch that was in there – need I say more 😦
    As well, I allowed this pig to use my computer (which was in my bedroom) and I discovered he was looking up porn there too. I changed my password after that and barred him from my room.

    I am now on the hunt for a new place and desperately hope to be able to live alone (with my delightful cat Sasha)…Truce…I feel your pain.

    – Shirley

  12. azahar says:

    “azahar – Seville looks lovely, did you enjoy it?”

    I’ve been enjoying it since September 16th, 1993. And my latest roommate is Nog (since September 2004). You’ll have to visit sometime. πŸ™‚

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