Did it

Just handed in my notice. The boss took it pretty well. Whew.

My last day at work here will be Thursday 22nd Feb 2007. Yaaaaaaayyyyyyy!

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3 Responses to Did it

  1. helen says:

    good effort m’dear how exciting – things are starting to fall into place 🙂

  2. Laverne says:

    WooHOO! Now starts the adventure! By the way, what did you decide to do with your bunny?

  3. truce says:

    So exciting, I bought a book on Aussie wildlife at the weekend Hels, you’ll love it!

    Luckily, my youngest sister and her boyfriend have kindly agreed to take over my flat for the year I’m away so a) it will still be available for me when I get back which is great as its ideal and b) Muddy Rabbit will not have to move – he’ll just have his Auntie Dana to spoil him rotten!

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