Literally Odd

I appear to be wearing odd socks.

Only just noticed, as I prepare to leave the office at the end of the day (pulling my socks up literally as well as metaphorically – I like to be thorough).

Might this be indicative of something?

Other than a badly-organised sock drawer.

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4 Responses to Literally Odd

  1. Ed says:

    “Might this be indicative of something?”

    1. you got dressed in the dark
    2. you dressed that way deliberately but don’t remember doing it
    3. Muddy switched your socks when you weren’t looking


  2. truce says:

    Now I know why Muddy Rabbit was lurking suspiciously near my chest of drawers yesterday morning – it’s not just because its next to the radiator at all, on no, its all part of his nefarious plan to confuse and baffle me so that he can TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!!!

  3. psychocandy says:

    That wascally wabbit!

    I’ve occasionally wound up with mis-matched socks… not so much odd colors or what have you, just two socks from separate pairs. They might both be black, but one will be darker, or longer, or something… I have a good excuse, though. My better half folds the laundry, and if they look even vaguely alike- they’re a pair!

  4. truce says:

    I think that must have been my problem – the two socks were both dark brown, but different shades as well as slightly different weights and lengths! I must have been asleep when I matched them up!

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