Attitudes to Snow

Last night in Hempnall Village Hall, as the first snow of the year fell in blousy flakes outside the windows and I did my best to help my art class improve their drawing skills, about 20 local men played football on the floodlit pitch. Outside. In shorts.


In another room of the Village Hall – Hempnall is quite a big village with a couple of new housing developments on the outskirts full of ‘in-comers’ so the Hall is large and modern – boys and girls had their weekly Scouts meeting.

In yet another room, a ladies knitting circle was in full swing (squalls of laughter reached us every couple of minutes) and next door a gentlemen with the most enormous white moustache was busily arranging chairs and tables in the main hall for the Senior Citizens Lunch the following day. He can’t have been a day under 70 himself, but he told me all about how important it was to make sure that the ‘old folks’ in the village had a good hot meal and a chance to chat once a week.

I drove home through the snow – with friendly calls of “drive steady now my woman” to see me off – feeling oddly reassured by it all.

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4 Responses to Attitudes to Snow

  1. Normalcy is very reassuring. Normal people going about their normal lives and being committed to helping one another is the way the world “really” is, in my book. War, famine, disaster, hatred — these are abnormal. Unfortunately, they get all the press and so we begin to live more cautious, fearful and less trustful lives. An evening like you just described reminds us of what is good and right about being human, and that the vast majority of the human race is good and decent and kind.

  2. laverneandshirley says:

    That just sounds like such a nice day. I really do need to turn into Bridget and come for a visit.

  3. laverneandshirley says:

    PS … well put HMH. I experience a lot of good, kind, decent and caring people every day.

  4. truce says:

    Yes, I too feel that most people are basically good and trustworthy – its nice to be reminded of that sometimes, isn’t it?

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