Road Trip

view from Dad's garden

My sister, Mara, drove us over to Anglesey, an island off the edge of North Wales, to see my Dad before I leave for Australia.

She loves to drive and has a very shiny and fast convertible car with no dents and no debris in the boot. Unlike mine, which is none of those things, except possibly convertible – I think it could be converted into a skip without too much trouble.

Anyway, she also has 9 points on her licence – any more and the filth will confiscate her car or something, which would effectively scupper her independent financial services business. So I was on ‘speed camera spotting’ duty… every few miles I’d flap my hands, shriek “Speed Camera!” and she’d slam the brakes on.

And each time we came to a junction or traffic lights, men in other cars would try to race her. Mara is hugely competitive, (frankly, I’m not convinced we’re actually related by blood at all, we’re so diametrically different on almost everything), anyway, SHE WILL NOT BE BEATEN. So that made for some interesting, wheel-spinning, whiplash-inducing moments.


My Dad had bought goats milk and honey specially for me to have in my tea. He’d even got me a big chocolate birthday cake as I’ll be in Australia for my birthday this year. It was really good to see him. I don’t see him enough. I think we have more in common as we get older, which is nice.

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4 Responses to Road Trip

  1. Laverne says:

    That’s so nice of your dad. Didn’t you say before that you might spend Christmas with him this year?

    I have a friend that is a crazy driver …. my jaw hurts from clenching it after driving with her. I always offer to drive now … I’m a mom, for Pete’s sake! I can’t die, my children need me!

  2. truce says:

    Yes, its funny, isn’t it, how everyone thinks they are a good driver and have a good sense of humour and good taste?!!!!

  3. Teresa says:

    I love the view from your dad’s garden, and the honey and goat’s milk for your tea. What a great day.

  4. truce says:

    Thanks, its a lovely view isn’t it? Proper farming countryside.

    And he got the goats milk and honey without any prompting from other family members, he remembered that’s what I take. I was so touched.

    Sometimes gestures do count more than words 🙂

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