Sydney rocks!

The view from my apartment

Originally uploaded by norwichrocks.

Okay, I’m here. In Sydney, Australia. Amazingly, it feels quite like home already.

I won’t bore you with the journey – suffice to say it will surprise no one who knows me that I met a touring Motown tribute band on their way home to LA after a series of gigs in Europe, 2 extreme sports fanatics on their way to New Zealand intent on blowing their savings on 6 months adrenalin-fuelled lunacy and a heavily-made up older lady who told me all about how she’d “buried two husbands already” and was on her way home after visiting a new man she’d met via the internet who is 20 years her junior.

So far, I really like Sydney. Everyone is being wonderfully friendly and welcoming – maybe this is because a large majority of people have been ‘new’ here at some point, too, so they know how it feels.

The sights, sounds and smells are all so different, but becoming familiar already, so I’d better record my first impressions before I forget them:

The sunlight is so bright it seems even the tarmac sparkles, the street-crossing points make a reassuring kind of electronic blurp at you, people ask “How’re you going?”, and the whole place has a slight salt smell of the ocean overlaid with the soft heaviness of jasmine and frangipani.

I’m loving it.

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14 Responses to Sydney rocks!

  1. woodpigeon says:

    So, you’re out in the suburbs then? 😉 That’s North Sydney isn’t it?

    I must hold a record somewhere for the shortest ever visit to Australia. I was in Sydney for 2 days. It was close to a week away when you add in the flights, and it took me about 2 weeks to recover from it..

    It’s a beautiful city – found the food-halls yet?

  2. No, J and I have the record then, since we came into Sydney on a cruise ship at dawn, did a wonderful harbor cruise and then flew out that afternoon about 4 p.m. or so.

    Congratulations on your successful transit to the other hemisphere!

  3. azahar says:

    That’s a lovely view! Is that the temporary accommodation your employers found for you or is that your REAL place?

    Glad to hear you’ve arrived safe and sound and that you had enough ‘entertainment’ on the journey out to keep you occupied.

    More pics soon?

  4. Ivan says:

    I’m trying to guess at where you are. Balmain? Pyrmont? Definitely on the south shore.

    As much as I’m not keen on living there, I do admit that Sydney has a certain brash charm about it.

  5. truce says:

    Yup, this is the temporary apartment my employers found for me (still looking for a permanent set up) and its on the north shore, McMahons Point, a short 10 minute uphill stroll to the office. A quiet, green, cafe-strewn area where everybody’s clothes are reassuringly not too cool.

    I’ve spent most of today lounging by the pool reading a completely marvellous book called ‘Prodigal Summer’ (Thanks Gill!!) which I urge you all to read. I absolutely could not put it down.

    More pics tomorrow, hopefully. I intend to get over to the South side and visit the Botanical Gardens. Heaven.

  6. psychocandy says:

    Gorgeous view there. I’d love to visit Sydney one day. I thin kit’s so cool that job opportunity came along for you- from the look and sound of it, this is going to be quite an experience for you!

  7. Oh, you are reading Prodigal Summer! I absolutely love that book, I also could not put it down. Both times I read it. I particularly love the way Kingsolver tucks environmental lessons and wildlife biology into the story.

    What a lovely neighborhood you describe. Good luck finding a permanent place, hope it is just as good.

  8. piereth says:

    Truce, Happy Landings my old friend. NorthShore rocks, is what you’re gonna have to call your photostream from now on!!

    Get across to Harry’s Cafe de Wheels at Wooloomooloo!! 🙂

  9. If you enjoy Sydney as much as my daughter did – you’ll have an absolute ball!

    That’s a view and a half. Any plans to do the bridgewalk?

  10. cer!se says:

    I love the way you casually drop phrases like ‘lounging by the pool’ into the chat… it’s chucking it down in Blighty and it sounds like you’re absolutely in the right place, so good for you!

    glad you like the book!

  11. Colonel Blink says:

    Come Back!!!!!!

  12. Looking forward to reading about your Australian adventures!

  13. Ivan says:

    So – did you walk across the Bridge this weekend?

    (Note for other readers – the Sydney Harbour Bridge is 75 years old this weekend, and closed to traffic to allow a throng of people to stroll about on it.)

  14. psychocandy says:

    I imagine it would be a beautiful walk, too. The harbor looks gorgeous in photos.

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