The Importance of Names


Walking to and from work, past the front gardens, trees and shrubs that line the streets, I have to keep stopping to investigate everything. Its all so marvellously unfamiliar.

I mean, obviously I recognise species like frangipani and jasmine, but there is so much that is – frankly – weird. There’s a tree which I had merrily christened ‘the bottlebrush’ because that’s what the flowers look like… I’ve just looked it up on t’interweb and was delighted to discover that it is actually called “the Bottlebrush Tree”! How cool is that?

And the birds are a wonder, too. I can’t wait to find one of these:

tawny frogmouth Australia

a Frogmouth. Just look at that expression. Bless.

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9 Responses to The Importance of Names

  1. It looks like that Frogmouth has a mustache! What a character!

  2. woodpigeon says:

    They are wonderful pictures! Remind me to send you a picture of a dandelion and a crow in return 😆

  3. Piereth says:

    What an excellent bird. Morose! I loved the galahs that swing about in flocks, the pink and grey parrots, and the cockatoos also. I always found it wuietly amazing that you put birdseed out and parrots come and eat it…

  4. azahar says:

    Love the bird. Almost looks like he is made of charred tree bark and bits of moss – an Ent bird! Great moustache.

  5. Shirley says:

    That’s an incredible picture of the Frogmouth. It doesn’t even look real. Very cool.

  6. Ivan says:

    Woodpigeon, you have dandelions? You are lucky to have such exotic flora. 😉

    I’ve planted a few bottlebrushes over the last few months and am waiting impatiently for them to flower for the first time. (Botanical name ‘callistemon’, by the way; they’re one of the few groups of native plants to have a common name as well as a botanical name.)

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  8. truce says:

    Really glad you’re all enjoying the flora and fauna here as much as me 🙂

    I saw my first rainbow lorikeets yesterday – a pair of beautiful multi-coloured parrots, sitting on a gum tree branch, squawking happily away to each other.

    Thanks for the botanical name Ivan and thanks for the link Mr Crumpet & Orange Bear!

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