Two people I love very much have just found out they’re going to have a baby, after over a year of trying to get pregnant.

Is it possible to be even more excited than they are? I think I am. Maybe because I get to be happy without the inherent fear of imminent parenthood.

Its still early days though, so keep everything crossed.

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7 Responses to Yay!

  1. Piereth says:

    If that’s who I think it is, and I hope it is, that’s amazing, splendiferous and fantastical news! Hugs from me to them and fingers crossed!!

  2. Jenny says:

    You need to check out http://www.muchmorethanamom.com/. She’s a friend of mine who is also a grade one teacher, so she has GREAT ideas for gifts etc.

    I’ll keep my fingers toes etc. crossed for your friend. I’m sure everything will be fine.

    How exciting!!

    Jenny (aka Laverne)

  3. Teresa says:

    I love it when other people have babies!

  4. Truce, I will keep everything crossed for your friends. Unlike Jenny, however, I am not sure everything will be fine. I hope it will be. But I was one of those people who tried for years to get pregnant. I managed to do so twice, and miscarried both times. Ultimately, I failed at carrying a baby to term and ended up adopting my quite wonderful son when he was 14. I know from personal experience that anything can happen; there are no guarantees. But the first big hurdle has been accomplished, actually getting an egg and a sperm together and implanted. I wish them all the best.

  5. truce says:

    Piereth, yes, it is who you’re thinking of (I think) and they’re delighted! Hurray!

    Thanks Jenny, yes, I’m so excited, I’m not sure I can wait 8 months!

    So do I Teresa – I’m already looking at impractical laughing cuddly Kookaburra toys…

    Thanks hmh, and I absolutely agree, having miscarried once myself, that nothing in an early pregnancy is sure but that the first major step has been taken. Here’s hoping that the next steps go smoothly too… but if not then I know that these two people would be delighted to adopt a child who needed a loving family as you did.

  6. Piereth says:

    Oh Joy, oh wonderfulness, oh hurrah, hurrah!!! I’m THRILLED. Good on ’em!

  7. truce says:

    Thanks! 🙂

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