flyie-bitie things and scuttley-lurky things

They have found me. The Flyie-bitie ones and the scuttley-lurky ones.

Specifically, the mosquito and the cockroach. (That’ll learn me to leave the windows open all night).

The former took bites out of me in my sleep – so much so that I had to get anti-histamine tablets to take down the redness and swelling – and the latter has installed himself in the corner of my shower.

Which is fine, if he doesn’t move. I can absolutely bear him as long as he doesn’t scuttle. Or wave his antennae at me.


Tonight I have a plug-in thing which is supposed to put them off. If that doesn’t work I will buy a mosquito net and pickle myself in G&T before retiring for the night…

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11 Responses to flyie-bitie things and scuttley-lurky things

  1. psychocandy says:

    I assume this means your windows don’t have screens. Such a foreign concept to me…

    Mosquitoes and many other insects don’t like the smell of citronella. You might want to try getting a couple of lemongrass plants and keeping them near your bed, too. I have a body spray made from lemongrass and rosemary that seems to work- I haven’t has a mosquito bite in years. I’ve also heard that eating bananas makes you less tasty to them. I’m not sure if rubbing banana on yourself would help, though, I’ve never tried that. πŸ˜‰

  2. azahar says:

    In Spain it’s a foreign concept to have screens.

    Nog and I bought a plug-in liquid mosquito repellent thingy last spring because enough was enough already. Worked a treat, though we kept the balcony windows open in case we poisoned the cats.

    Don’t think this will help with thecucaracha problemita.

    Are they the little scuttling German ones or the massive flying (nightmare from hell!!!) American ones? You might try leaving all plugs in the sinks, bathtubs, etc. And also tape over the overflow opening. Some people here even caulk in the overflow openings with silicone.

  3. piereth says:

    Ha! I got my cockroach wings in Saudi Arabia where they used to come swarming out of the floor drains in the kitchen like something out of the bible. I don’t worry too much about cockroaches, but they are entertainingly crunchy if you want to do a midnight fandango on their roachie little carapaces. Mosquitos – argh. Garlic is good and so is vitamin B complex – they don’t like the taste.

    However, it’s the Australian spider complement that interests me. I can honestly say I never opened a window at night the whole time I was there. AND I used to check my shoes every morning. Paranoia!!!!

  4. truce says:

    Brilliant, thanks girls, I will be out tomorrow getting lavender, citronella, rosemary, lemongrass, garlic and vitamin B… That’ll show ’em! I think I might draw the line at smearing myself in banana though. πŸ™‚

    “Are they the massive flying roaches?” THEY FLY?!! *shrieks*

    Mmm, haven’t seen any spiders yet, although there are some shockingly vast webs near here…

  5. piereth says:

    Ahhh, the merrie Huntsman. Clive James as a small boy used to call them ‘triantelopes’. They string those Indiana Jones – style webs and hide in the leaves – it’s all overkill, cause they’re large, brown and furry but are basically only able to give you the equivalent of a wasp sting. But they go like the clappers. Stay clear of the shrubberie!!!

  6. azahar says:

    Oh dern, that link didn’t work …


  7. Jenny says:

    Yikes! I hate mosquito bites. My kids get all swelly uppy when they are bitten too. Do they have “AfterBite” in Australia? It helped them.

    Perhaps those spider webs will catch the cockroach that’s decided to live in your shower?

  8. truce says:

    Oh my god, Azahar, that is one big ugly arachnid. May the Saints preserve me!

    Good idea Jenny, maybe I should encourage the spiders to build webs over the windows to catch the invading mosquitos!

  9. psychocandy says:

    OMG, the spider in that photo azahar linked to gave me the creepy-crawlies so badly, I had to take a shower before I could come back and leave a comment. Holy crap, am I glad we don’t get those here.

    For a couple of years now, during summer, I’ve had the odd German cockroach scuttle through, usually around the kitchen sink or bathtub. Unfortunately, the bathtub faucet drips, and the plumbing all connects at the same junction, so the nasty little things come up that way. I’ve been using diatomaceous earth to repel them, and it seems to be working- diatomaceous earth absorbs the liquid from the coating covering their exoskeletons, and they dehydrate to death. I’m told this also works with centipedes, millipedes, spiders, and scorpions. And it’s not toxic to humans or pets, which makes it safer than boric acid.

    I may buy a lemongrass plant or two to keep the flying insects away, too. Sometimes we wind up with those annoying little fruit flies or gnats, and they hang out in my house plants, making more annoying little flies…

  10. azahar says:

    Archie lives in Perth, so maybe they don’t have the same monster spiders in Sydney … if yer lucky.

    Meanwhile, there are little poisonous red spiders somewhere in Oz that can actually kill you. Word of warning – do not read Bill Bryson’s fabulous book Down Under until you are safely back in the UK.

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