I want my money back

It has been raining here now for two days without cease.

I am considering my ark-building options…

…Unless Ikea make one, I fear I will certainly perish.

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8 Responses to I want my money back

  1. Ivan says:

    You must have my rain. Could you forward it to the Southern Highlands and the Monaro, please?

  2. cer!se says:

    should I mention the heatwave we’ve been having in Blighty? 😉

  3. azahar says:

    Well, it did occur to me when you made The Big Move that you’d also be moving from one winter into another … I guess dem’s da breaks. Is it usually rainy in Sydney in the winter? Does it snow there?

    I have learned that it is very impolite to complain about The Rain in Andalucia as there is often not nearly enough water here to go round. Especially after so much of it gets sucked away to feed the posh hotels and golf resorts on the Costa del Sol. Did you know that an 18-hole golf course in a dry country can consume as much water as a town of 10,000 people?

    When one comes from a country almost absurdly rich in natural resources as I do (though they are being sold off to the US at rock-bottom prices, but that’s a whole other rant) it takes awhile to seriously understand what words like ‘water shortages’ really mean. I’ve only experienced this in a mild fashion (no water between 9pm and 6am). But at the same time people in nearby villages were only allowed three or four buckets of water per day to use for cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene.

    Anyhow, don’t mean to ramble on, just that I once thought reacted like you to RAIN (and sometimes still do) but a part of me tries to remember that one day I will probably personally bless every raindrop that falls. Hopefully not until I’m very old, but ya never know.

    Meanwhile, cute rainboots might possibly be the answer! 🙂

  4. piereth says:

    Blimey, I’d like some of that action, my garden’s parched!

    When it rains in Siddernee, it really does rain! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Ivan says:

    Az, it did snow in Sydney once. I think that was in 1872, just after lunch… 😀

    Torrential downpours are rather more frequent, but none of it ever seems to fall in the reservoir catchments. Bad management, I call it.

  6. truce says:

    yep, we see nightly reports on the box-in-the-corner from the drought-stricken Aussie hinterland. And it really does look dreaful. Whole farms are just dust bowls. And of course, when it rains, it only does so in the places which don’t really need it, like Sydney.

    I can’t help but think that the Romans would have organised a vast network of pipes and an aquaduct by now to redistribute this water to the parts that need it. 2,000 years of technological advance later…

    Also, there is none of this ‘soft rain’ or ‘drizzle’ in Sydney. Oh no, here the rain tap is either off or on. Fully on. Like someone is emptying bucket after bucket over you.

    New wellie boots are definitely on the shopping list. 🙂

  7. azahar says:

    It’s 8pm, did two loads of laundry today, got it all hung up to dry on the roof… but I’m not supposed to be annoyed now. I am supposed to EMBRACE THE FUCKING RAIN and GODDAM WELL APPRECIATE IT. So that’s what I’m Fucking Doing, Alright??? Who says I’m not?

    Ha! Skies totally opened up about five minutes ago – replete with thunder and lightning, torrential downpour and all that fun stuff. In fact I quite enjoy a proper rain storm, when I am cosy and dry indoors. Like I am now. Shame about the laundry though …

  8. Ivan says:

    Try thinking of it as a second rinse.

    There was a bit of misty drizzle here earlier, and there are people on the radio burbling about how good it was to see it. Blimey. We’re all getting excited about a bit of drizzle now. Who’d have thought it would ever come to this?

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