on eating fruit

too much fruit, to be exact. Decided I wasn’t eating healthily enough recently, so bought a whole load of fresh fruit and some dried apricots. Put them in a big colourful pile on my desk and admired my healthy diet. Pointed out my pile of health-giving goodness to co-workers. Basked in their admiration. Ate all the fruit.

Regretting it now.

“Will I never learn?” This is a recurring question.

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8 Responses to on eating fruit

  1. Ed says:

    in what way are you regretting it?

  2. cer!se says:

    can I ask – do you all eat kiwi fruit down in the land of … er… kiwi (or next door anyway)? or is it called something else there?

  3. Jenny says:

    I’m guessing that it’s a good thing that you don’t have the “loo” problems in your previous post!

    I too, have tried to be healthier at work. I bring a bag o’ veggies to snack on – cut them up small so I feel like I’m having popcorn. The thing is that they should last the whole day … not just the 15 minutes I’m having a snack attack. I’ve had a bit of a tummy ache … but I’m learning!

  4. truce says:

    Ed – use your imagination… and refer to the previous post!!!

    Cer!se – yes, m’dear, they do still call ’em kiwi fruit here. But they’re much bigger. Like everything else. There must be some sort of vortex in the space-time continuum between here and the UK that shrinks foods…

    Jenny – oooooh, now I want popcorn! 🙂

  5. Teresa says:

    Bet you’re feeling clean as a whistle now, aren’t you?

  6. azahar says:

    I keep telling myself to eat more fruit but mostly only get around to drinking fresh juices. Nog eats at least an apple a day. Where does he find the time?

  7. If you want to really clean yourself out, start eating prunes! I love fruit, but one can get too much of a good thing. My particular “waterloo” is when the peaches are fresh — something about those fuzzy skins is very stimulating indeed.

  8. Ed says:

    my friend gary ate a whole pineapple once. he said it was quite like having a toilet brush stuffed down his gizzards. too good to believe. tried it myself, but didn’t have the same affect 😦

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