On Attracting Freaks

On Saturday night, I went out to a nearby hotel/bar with my flatmate and her friend. It was a ‘do’ organised by our gym, in fact.

Anyway, my flatmate (34) pulled a 26 year old and brought him home. Nice, smiley, friendly chap.

Her friend pulled a tall salsa-dancing German chap and disappeared.

I got followed round all night by a slightly stooped aircraft engineer wearing a bobble hat, who never blinked and who kept shouting “You’re hilarious!”.

Yes, my woolly-headed friend, but the difference between us is that I’M DOING IT INTENTIONALLY.



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9 Responses to On Attracting Freaks

  1. piereth says:

    Oh, woe. Where are all the beaux when we need them!? Yours is out there. Your lobster is waiting to click you with his claws. Oh yes!

  2. truce says:

    Lobster? I nearly had one for lunch. But then I decided on the King prawns instead.


  3. Ivan says:

    The bloke in the bobble hat sounds like a bit of a prawn.

  4. Ed says:

    Yes, you are a nutter magnet. Sounds like Bill Murray in The Life Aquatic (one of my heroes). Maybe try going to the beach, or a gathering that isn’t body builders. Have you contacted Melissa? She goes to all sorts of arty gatherings… and as Tim said, and you and I concurred – don’t go out pulling, go out to do what you love, and you will find one who loves it too.

    Or just get a bobble hat of your own.

    Isn’t it a bit hot to wear a bobble hat in Oz at the moment?

  5. Jenny says:

    HA!! Before I was married, I used to attract some real winners as well. You know, the guys with the silk shirt unbuttoned down to there and a few gold chains. Thick moustache. And this was in the 80’s! sshhiivverrr….

  6. truce says:

    Ivan, I feel sure you’d have chucked him on the nearest barbie.

    Ed, yes it is definitely too hot to wear a bobble hat here. Hence his instant freak status. Will give Melissa a call as she and Martin were lovely, but don’t want an arty guy – too full of angst. 🙂 Off to the beach diving again tomorrow – more men with paunches in neoprene chain smoking. Yum. At least the sharks are gorgeous.

    Jenny, oh dear lord, that description makes me feel significantly better about my own nutter magnet. Sounds like you made a narrow escape.

  7. Once again I thank heavens I do not have to date. Any. More. Except with the perfectly wonderful guy I have been with for the past 25 (yes, it really has been that long!) years. Even if he has quit smoking in the last month and is somewhat moody because of it. . . This too shall pass.

  8. azahar says:

    Are you saying you would have actually wanted the young toy-boy or the salsa-dancing dude instead?

    All this going out and ‘pulling’ is something from my long distant past and I don’t remember it ever being anything but disheartening. Totally wrong environment for meeting anyone interesting, doncha think? Of course you may come across someone just like you who says – ‘yeah, this sort of thing isn’t really for me’ – but it’s usually just what it is.

    Meanwhile, you’re not about to meet your Destiny in your livingroom, so getting out and about is a good idea. Just keep your wits and your sense of humour about you – as it seems you are doing in spades – and you can have quite a good time with it all.

    I always used to long for the intellectual slightly arrogant looking guy in these situations, but they tended to go for bimbos. Go figure.

    “Ivan, I feel sure you’d have chucked him on the nearest barbie.”

    Barbeque or Barbie Doll? Either way . . .

  9. Teresa says:

    Agh. During a ridiculous phase in my mid-twenties, I was asked out every week (Fridays, at work) by a doughy pimply-faced young man with a speech impediment and little crusty things in the corner of his mouth. Wich Fitzgewald, I believe his name was. First I was kind, then firm, then distant, then obliquely insulting, then outright hostile. I still cringe.

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