“Wait, that can’t be right. The watch says 10 past 8 and my mobile says 10 past 8, but I’ve only just woken up and I’m supposed to be going for a run this morning so it should be 10 past 7, not 10 past 8, that can’t be right, maybe my eyes aren’t working, no wait, maybe the alarmclock on the mobile isn’t working, I must have set the alarm for 7am, I always do, so then I go to the loo, brush my teeth and put my running gear on, so it should be 10 past 7, not 10 past 8, if that’s right then why have I just put my runniing gear on, all except my trainers and it was only when I sat on the bed to put them on that I looked at the watch and it says 10 past 8. That can’t be right.”

I like to tell people I’m a morning person.

Just not this particular morning, obviously.

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6 Responses to Doofus

  1. Ivan says:


    I once had a lie-down after a busy morning, woke up at 6:30pm and was convinced it was 6:30am. I couldn’t understand why the sun was in the wrong place.

  2. azahar says:

    Once I got up and went to work on a day off – boy, that was annoying.

  3. truce says:


    Ivan, that’s so disorienting, isn’t it? But boy, you must have needed that sleep!!

    Azahar, oh, talk about wanting to kick yourself!

  4. I have had Ivan’s experience more than once. Very odd. Especially when you are racing around trying to get yourself ready for work when it is late in the afternoon on Saturday.

  5. truce says:


  6. azahar says:

    Clearly being a ‘morning person’ depends on which morning we are talking about.

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