The Sky Is Falling In

Another difference between here and the UK: when it rains here, as it has done this morning, it Really Rains. It comes bucketing down, the streets are suddenly in surging motion like little rivers and there’s a kind of “I am Nature, hear me roar!” noise that you can’t ignore.

And then it stops, and the sun comes out in a clear blue sky again.

Whereas in the UK it can rain pretty much constantly for days – just a light drizzle sometimes, from a sky like wet concrete.

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3 Responses to The Sky Is Falling In

  1. azahar says:

    I remember that concrete sky from when I lived in Bristol. Nature Really Raining sounds a lot more interesting.

  2. Ivan says:

    I wish it would Really Rain here. Canberra tends to have the slow dreary drizzle sort of rain, not the serious stuff you get in Sydney. Gosh I’m envious.

  3. Sounds like monsoon season to me. When Jim and I were in Singapore and then visiting the north coast of Australia, it was monsoon season. What I loved was the building prelude of clouds, where everyone started looking for someplace to hunker down. Then, it pours, buckets like you said, and you sit cosy in your little sidewalk cafe drinking a nice beer, and then the rain stops and the sun comes out and off you go to continue your expedition. Loved it.

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