Jervis Bay May 2007

Jervis Bay May 2007

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Yesterday morning, team photo on the deck of Ocean Trek in Jervis Bay, NSW:
Back Row L-R: Sean, Chalky, Parky, Tricky, Anna, George.
Middle Row L-R: Eddie, Yorkie, Doc, Ivan, Rene, Dave & Dave.
Seated L-R: Tim, Me, Janet.

Exhausted but happy and proud that I didn’t disgrace myself with this bunch of much more experienced divers.

I did not drown or break anything or lose anything or get in anyone’s way.

Someone had to spend an hour in the Deco chamber because they surfaced too quickly and it wasn’t me.

Someone else aborted a dive 5 minutes in because the current was too rough and the surge too strong, but it wasn’t me.

Someone got lost and ended up miles from the boat on the drift dive and it wasn’t me (although, to be fair, the only reason I found the anchor chain was that I was following my dive buddy Matt like a puppy – I can’t read a compass for toffee).

We were never last out of or first back in the boat. Matt was diving with Nitrox so I had to try really hard not to use up my air too fast so I didn’t cut his dive short.

And I saw a Port Jackson shark asleep between three rocks that everyone else missed.


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3 Responses to Jervis Bay May 2007

  1. piereth says:

    This sounds like the far side of wonderful. The last time I tried diving was on my honeymoon – and I had to stop cause D couldn’t equalise. I will take it up again tho’!

  2. I can snorkel, but no diving for me because I can’t equalise either. Not only that, but my sinuses are such that my doctor won’t even certify me for lessons. Oh well. And I love the ocean.

  3. truce says:

    I seem to have to descend much more slowly than other people (5 minutes to get down to 20 metres) and equalising is an effort, but it happens eventually. Of course, then I’m partly deaf for several days afterwards, and sometimes I get a nosebleed when I come back up… but I ain’t a gonna give it up. 🙂

    But these were deeper dives than I’ve done since last summer in the UK – I prefer it to be shallower – down to about 15 metres at the deepest – lighter and warmer!

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