Sex & The City

Sex & The City is being re-run on Aussie telly in its entirety and I am now hooked.

But should I be worried that I’m finding some of the points it raises quite profound?

Yeah, you’re right, am I nuts?

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7 Responses to Sex & The City

  1. piereth says:

    I LOVE S&TC. The book was really quite sad and I miss the show a lot. Then, I wish I’d watched Desperate Housewives when it was on!

    No, not nuts!

  2. azahar says:

    I only started watching this series after getting that new tv service here that offers ‘original version’ (ie – English) options for some series and films. And I found myself asking myself the same thing – are some of these comments actually deep and meaningful or have I become shallow and stupid?

    I put it down to snobbishness … that I’d heard about this programme for years, seen photos, read articles, etc and so pretty much expected it to be shallow and silly. Which it is at times. But yeah – sometimes some rather good lines. I haven’t seen many episodes but I’ve quite enjoyed them all so far.

  3. Jenny says:

    I thought that some of the S&C stuff was quite profound, especially towards the end of the series, when Samantha had cancer and Miranda had to deal with a mother-in-law who seemed to be getting alzheimers. I also found it an outlet for fantasy … I wish I could buy $500 shoes and go to parties that only sheshefoofoo people could get into.

    I haven’t read the book! I’ll have to check it out!

  4. truce says:

    Yeah, maybe its because I’m now back living in a big city again, single, and trying to convince myself that its glamorous to be eating take away thai in front of a movie on a saturday night! 🙂

  5. azahar says:

    Take away thai food?!


  6. Ed says:

    it’s a girl thing – shoes, endless neurosis about who likes or doesn’t like you, white wine etc.

    (ed runs for cover)

  7. truce says:

    *Trucie pelts Ed with shoes – his tomato plants proving hopeless as cover*

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