People Don't See Invertebrates. But They See Us.


People see Insects and Spiders every day, but they don’t actually look at them. So then, when a drawing of an insect comes in and it has legs attached to its abdomen, they think its fine. If a drawing of a dog came in with its legs attached to its stomach, they wouldn’t think it was fine. They see more insects every day than dogs. They just don’t look at them.

Which brings me to the picture above. It’s a spider species called Stegodyphus lineatus whose own young spiderlings eat their mother upon hatching. Look at her expression… she just knows, doesn’t she?

And on a completely unrelated topic (but heck, since when did that ever stop me?)

Coming back from the pub after lunch with colleagues. Someone remarks on how tall I am. I say “Thank you, and yes its good except when people ask you for sweetcorn”. Everyone looks at me blankly, apart from new guy who falls about laughing and doing “Ho Ho Ho” Jolly Green Giant impressions. Isn’t it good when someone gets you?

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One Response to People Don't See Invertebrates. But They See Us.

  1. piereth says:

    It’s wonderful unless they don’t which is what happens to me and I just look like a geek!

    Poor ol spiderypal, she doesn’t look happy with her lot in life and you can see why. Ain’t Nature a bitch??

    You rang me the other night and I sooo wish I had been there to take the call. I’d’ve traded two weeks in Ibiza with the experience I had for a 10 minute call from my Aussie pal!!

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