Narrowly Averted Disaster

I have just Narrowly Averted a Publishing Disaster. Yes, it does warrant capital letters.

We were about to publish an illustration of early cave art – some funny-looking carved marks on a wall deep underground in France somewhere. Turns out they are pictures of vulvas.

The book was an illustrated children’s Dictionary so the little darlings would have got a slightly wider visual education than their doting parents had bargained for.

Generally I’d say “You can’t have too much information”, but in this case – since as the Art Buyer it would have been my neck on the block – I recant.

“Do a nice Bison instead!” I say.

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7 Responses to Narrowly Averted Disaster

  1. piereth says:

    Good save, Supertruce! Beers all round for you this weekend! xx

  2. Ed says:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  3. truce says:

    Sometimes it is very tempting to leave stuff like that in, just to see if anyone notices…

  4. azahar says:

    A perfect V-word if you ask me…

  5. Ed says:

    “Sometimes it is very tempting to leave stuff like that in, just to see if anyone notices…”

    Yup. I’m writing a report for my client of the whole of last year. It’s about 40 pages already. I am sorely tempted to put something silly in around page 32…

  6. My mother always said, “If you are old enough to ask the question, you are old enough to get the answer.” And what is so awful about symbolic representations of vulvas? The same children who are the target audience for the book are exposed to massive doses of violence and sex via the television on a daily basis, and no one turns a hair. A curved line that “might” be a vulva, and they might go ballistic? Call it “Cave Art” in the dictionary, and the little darlings probably wouldn’t have had a clue as to what they were looking at. But the bison was probably more fun for them.

  7. truce says:

    yes, Ed, I hope you managed to squeeze in something improbable to the report – I used to work with an artist who’d spent 7 years painting ‘cutesy’ scenes of ye Olde English Country Villages for a chocolate manufacturer’s products, and was so bored and so convinced that the client didn’t even look at the paintings properly that he’d started putting in tiny figures having sex in bushes and parked cars, just to see if anyone would notice. They didn’t. 🙂

    I know, hmh, I think its insane that these children are allowed to watch Terminator but are not allowed to see a vaguely vulva shaped carving done by their ancestors 30,000 years ago. We even had to cover up the nipples on some Ancient Egyptian men in an illustration recently. The loonies have well and truly taken over the asylum.

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