In a few days I’m flying back to the UK for an old friend’s wedding. He’s getting married in a castle in Scotland and its bound to be the kind of smart occasion of which romantic comedies set in England are made.

Half the guests will be French women and pretty much everybody will be wealthy and expensively maintained.

So, I need an outfit. Something elegant but simple, not too short (at 35, showing leg above the knee at such occasions is sleazy) or too low cut (more to hide sunburn than cleavage, but you get the idea).

Not black, of course. Its not done to wear black to a wedding.

And not the currently fashionable ‘shapeless sack’ style of dress which is in all the shops now. Unless you’re 19 years old and a size 6, it just looks like a 3-man tent overwhelmed you in passing.

No, I need something with structure. Tailored to prevent me looking like a sack of taters.

So – given that I know exactly what I want and I have the whole of Sydney in which to shop – how difficult can it be to find something suitable?

Oh! my friends, the fates conspire against me. As do the mirrors in Myer.

And what is particularly galling is that I have several perfectly good outfits packed into boxes in storage in the UK.

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7 Responses to Choosy

  1. piereth says:

    God, that’s a bummer.

    But, hang on. You’re flying 12,000 miles to be at this event – does it really matter what you wear??!!?

    how about….
    Shift dress cut on the bias in a sheer material and a coat the same length, plus kitten heels. Severe, elegant, all one colour.

    Trouser suit and a pair of shoes as near to Jimmy Choos as you can get.

    Hark at me, Ms Bossy Boots. You really do go the extra mile. Worrying about what to wear when you’re spending the thick end of a king’s ransom just getting there. No-one could accuse you of not being a good friend!

  2. Don’t ask me. My fashion taste runs to tie dye and thrift store. My favorite outfit for such occasions is a just below the knee broomstick skirt which I made several years ago out of a thin madras plaid cotton material. The dominant colors in the madras were royal purple, fuchsia and burgundy, with a couple of narrow stripes of green and yellow. I generally paired that with a royal purple satin camisole. Flat sandals or ballet slippers complete the ensemble. Sometimes I even wear my birkenstocks.

    No one could accuse me of giving a damn about what people think about what I have one, however.

    As far as the Jimmy Choos thing, I have a very tall soapbox that I mount when I get started on women being seduced by advertsiing and not so subtle peer pressure to wear shoes that have been proven in several well published studies to cause damage to knees, hips and lower backs. If the purveyors and designers of those travesties are willing to start a foundation to pay for the knee and hip replacements their products are causing, then I believe they should have the right to keep on selling them. Otherwise… The women of the world are starting to wise up. This is why you can actually find nice looking business shoes that are not high heels now. When I was a young woman, I was reduced to wearing men’s tuxedo shoes as a dress shoe. I was ahead of my time. No, I listened to my body and didn’t like what it was telling me about the shoes that were available.

  3. Oh, and have a wonderful time!

  4. azahar says:

    Wouldn’t it be possible (and cheaper) to have one of your packed away perfectly good outfits Fed-Ex’d to you in Scotland?

    Just a thought …

  5. piereth says:

    HMH – you’re right about the advertising pressure, and truly, I wear birkies or even doc marten sandals all year; but once in a long while I love to wear what I call ‘suicide heels’. It makes me laugh that I can’t walk in them and reminds me why I don’t wear them all the time – and interests me when, after three or more drinks, I suddenly seem to get the hang of them. Anthropologically speaking they’re fascinating. From a foot’s point of view , they’re disastrous.

  6. truce says:

    Thanks hmh! 🙂 And most of the time I wear flat comfortable shoes, too, I save the ridiculous heels for special occasions.

    Ah, Azahar, I thought of that – but since I gave up labelling the 34 boxes at about box number 6, my sister was unable to locate the correct box without unpacking all of them… which she was understandably not keen on doing. So, new outfit it is!

    Piereth, as ever you hit the nail on the head, or in this case, the bunion on the ouch. 🙂

  7. Oh, I did my time in what you call suicide heels Piereth! However, it was 1980 when I was a lot younger and more flexible. Now I don’t even own any, and the last time I put the spikes on (which I had kept just to remind me of why I stopped wearing them)(it was 1996) I couldn’t tolerate them for 5 minutes. I threw them away that day. I have to say that women have been doing weird things to their bodies in the name of beauty and fashion for a very long time. If you put corsets up against high heels, I would say the heels are almost benign in comparison. But it is one of my pet soap boxes.

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