Kangaroo Balls Bottle Openers…


…and a kangaroo paw back scratcher, on sale in the tourist centre of Sydney.

Words fail me.

Which doesn’t happen often.

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6 Responses to Kangaroo Balls Bottle Openers…

  1. truce says:


  2. OmbudsBen says:

    I’d say it would take a lot of, umm, er, cojones to employ one of these regularly but, ah … maybe all it would really take is having a screw loose.

    Err, hmm. But I guess that’s what it is to the kangaroos.
    *face turns red.*

  3. Good to see our national symbol is being slaughtered in their millions every year for a good cause.
    Stand up Oz and end this cruel and unncessary trade.

  4. azahar says:

    Are the kangaroos killed for any other reason? For example, do people eat kangaroo meat and the, um, ‘extras’ are turned into these vile souvenirs? Or is it like rhinos and elephants that are only killed for their horns/tusks?

    It’s akin to ‘lucky rabbit foot’ keychains, or the baby seal keychains I saw in Canada (made from seal fur in the shape of a tiny seal). Lucky for whom?

    Unfortunately it’s supply and demand, isn’t it? If people didn’t buy this crap then the market would dry up pretty fast. So who is really to blame?

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