Getting weirder…

In an unexpected twist, married guy has just emailed me to ask if – since I’m looking for a flat – I’d consider sharing a flat with him.

On the plus side:
It would be cheaper
He wouldn’t be there very often because clearly he’s going to be round at new girlfriend’s place
Its less complicated living with men because they don’t mind if you’re thinner than they are

On the minus side:

Quite apart from the fact that I want to live by myself – hence moving out of my current flat-share in the first place – I can think of nothing more likely to cause drama and upset than sharing a house with a bloke I rather fancied until I found out what he was actually like, who is ‘seeing’ one of my new friends, and who is, in fact, still married to a woman who doesn’t even know there’s someone else yet.

Is today an episode of Eastenders and its just that nobody has told me?

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9 Responses to Getting weirder…

  1. woodpigeon says:

    Take him up on his offer and keep a diary – think of the publishing possibilities! The movie rights! The magazine serialisation! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. ombudsben says:

    Before I got married living alone for 5 years was great. If you can swing it, I’ll bet you too will enjoy having a place entuirely to yourself to do what you want when you want without having anyone else’s expectations to meet.

    On the other hand: Provided he’s *really* out of your system (and what he’s done seemed to resolve that), woodpigeon has a great point! =:D Plus, it’s a great chance to daily give thanks for what you escaped.

  3. piereth says:

    Someone you live with is *usually* less attractive as you see all their hideous foibles and have to listen to them farting in the bathroom. You might find it purges any last vestiges of regret!

    Keep your enemies closer, I say. Plus, it’s cheaper. Never one to resist a bargain!

    And I know you, there’s no danger you’ll wind up being inviegled to do his washing or cook for him. He wouldn’t dare suggest it.

    I vote with Woodpigeon, and demand a Hello! – style round-up, weekly, on this chap’s frankly hairy peregrinations. What fun!

  4. azahar says:

    I’ve always preferred male flatmates. Is it his flat or would be getting a place together? Does he know you fancied him?

    Anyhow, you did go to Sydney for new experiences. Worst thing that could happen is it won’t work out and you can move out.

    Best thing that could happen is the weekly updates. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. truce says:

    Woodpigeon- wow, that wasn’t at all the response I was expecting! But its good advice and, as such, I’ll follow it!

    Ombudsben, I have lived by myself before, for many years – its only since moving here to Sydney in great haste for this job 7 months ago that I’ve been flat-sharing. But yes, he’s definitely out of my system – I didn’t really know him well enough for him to be in my system to be honest, I just liked the way he looked and that he smiled a lot! I’m a sucker for a smiler! But he is a flirt and a serial womaniser, so I’m quite safe :))

    Piereth – absolutely m’dear. he may not be a prince, but I shall use the eponymously titled Machiavellian masterpiece as my guide in this, as in all things!

    Azahar – it would be getting a flat together, although I suspect he wouldn’t be there very much because his new woman (my friend here in the office) has just moved out of the flat she was sharing with her fiance, and invited him to move in with her… Watch this space for the weekly updates!

    Latest news is that the woman’s ex-fiance sent her flowers to the office this morning, which I had to deal with as she didn’t want to see them. There were chocolates too ๐Ÿ™‚

    But I’ll still keep an eye out for flats just for me alone, as that would be best I think…

  6. azahar says:

    This is way better than Eastenders (not that I’ve ever seen it, but I can imagine).

    Sounds like you don’t have to move in with the guy to keep the soap opera updates coming.

    Gosh, I’m feeling really sorry for the ex-fiance. What a silly cow this office friend of yours is! I mean, already inviting Mr Married to move in with her?

    What happened to the chocolates?

  7. Jenny says:

    Hi Truce!

    I haven’t stopped by for a while, nice to see you’re doing so well!

    I say go for it if you really think you can handle a roomate and if it’s okay with his girlfriend. Do you have an “out” just in case you live with him for a couple of weeks and can’t stand it?

  8. Ed says:

    I’m not so sure. Like all the others, I can’t deny it would provide excellent reading material, and if you were going to move in with him, i’d suggest putting banner ads on your site and in your rss feeds and consider approaching a publisher. Yes, it would be cheaper etc.

    However – what if he brings her home all the time? (sorry if this was covered elsewhere) – you assume he’ll be elsewhere but will he? what if he wasn’t? what if they decided that the best place to canoodle was right on the sofa while you want to do yoga or bear baiting in the lounge? how long do you think he will sustain the dual flat mode? also, sometimes when you have a flatmate, you kind of want them around, or you begin to feel they are using it as a hotel, and it can feel empty, which never happens when you are on your own, because you know you’re alone, not wondering continuously in the back of your mind if your flatmate will be around.

  9. truce says:

    Yep, Az, I feel sorry for the ex-fiance and the wife, too – even though I’ve never met and despite the fact that I’m sympathetic to the two who have fallen in love. But yes, I think it would be a mistake for them to move in together so soon… but then, what do I know? I’m the LAST person anyone should take relationship advice from! (And Shirley, Michelle and I ate the chocolates on Friday!)

    Jenny, good to ‘see’ you again! Mmmm, Exit strategies are my speciality…

    Ed, me too. Not so sure that is. Quite apart from all the excellent points you make (and who’d want canoodling interrupting an evening’s bear baiting, indeed) I reckon I would soon tire of hearing him talking about her and vice versa.

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