Kangaroo Valley is Beautiful but Inappropriately Named


I love camping 🙂 But how is it that Other People can always be relied upon to turn up with:

a) 4 litre boxes of red wine
b) falafel mix
c) iPod
d) drugs
e) gastro-intestinal disorders
f) a highly detailed map of the wrong area
g) p-mates (little cardboard funnels which “allow women to pee standiing up” – only they don’t, especially if you’re drunk, stoned and using your mobile phone as a torch)

but without:

a) plate/bowl/mug/knife/fork/spoon
b) warm clothing (I know its Australia, but its only Spring and the temperature still drops once the sun has gone down)
c) a bottle of water or even an empty container in which water can be carried
d) drugs (by which I mean immodium, ibuprofen, antihistamines and sleeping tablets)
e) earplugs
f) torch
g) loo roll and plastic ziplock bag

Anyway, Kangaroo Valley is beautiful and we had fun, although I’m apparently the only one who got any sleep. No kangaroos however – although the place was heaving with wombats, which are, to my mind, even better.

Also, I got to hear all about what married guy is like in bed.

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5 Responses to Kangaroo Valley is Beautiful but Inappropriately Named

  1. piereth says:

    Oh god, save me from Amateur Campers. No water? Are you kidding? The wine, now, I can understand.

    One of the best things about camping is peeing in the wilds. Without doubt. Men only pee standing up cause they can’t squat down like a partridge in the bushes….

  2. azahar says:

    I’m allergic to camping . . .

  3. truce says:

    Piereth, I know, muppets bringing no water and we’re in AUSTRALIA. Ye gods. Yeah, I like peeing in the wilds too. Probably best not to explore exactly why…

    Fair enough Az, feel free to come visit me in Australia and I promise I won’t make you and Nog get in a tent! 🙂

  4. Teresa says:

    When I moved to New Mexico, I found that I was often the most practical camper on the block. A new experience for me, that. I even knew how to start up the Coleman!

    Good for you for being prepared. At least by comparison.

  5. truce says:

    Wow, I shall invite you camping with us next time Teresa, you sound extremely useful to have around 🙂

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