Sydney in the Spring


The clocks have gone forward and its now officially Springtime here in Sydney, which means:

1. The daily temperature varies between 21-34 degress and the humidity is starting to creep up. You want to wear a light summer dress to keep cool, but then the wind picks up and you find yourself with a face full of cotton print and al fresco nether regions as you walk down the street. A little disconcerting.

2. The Great Divide between Those Who Tan and Those Who Don’t makes itself evident once again.

3. Christmas decorations are appearing in the shops. As well as insect repellant and swimwear… weird.

4. There is a Biblical Plague of Flies.

5. Everyone wants to eat chilli prawn salad rather than meat pie and mash. Except me and my friend Jasmine, we hold no truck with critters who tread water beside sewage outlets with their mouths open*. Give us pie and mash. And peas and a shandy and some cheese twisties. πŸ™‚

6. Its too hot for a cuppa by 11am. And the beer is nice and cold. I can now drink 3 whole pints of shandy without falling over, such is my increased tolerance for alcohol since living here.

7. You have to stay on top of the female maintenance work… toenails on constant show, ditto legs and underarms.

8. Its men versus women in the freezing air-conditioner versus breezy windows-open office debate. So far its 2-1 to the men even though they’re outnumbered because they’ve hidden the control unit… Apparently, this democracy by majority lark has its limits and sweat dripping down one’s back marks one of them.

9. Trees are blooming with gay abandon all over the city so I walk through an avenue of stunning purple Jacarandas every day on my way to work. Keep thinking “must stop and take a photo”.

10. The cicadas have started to serenade each other by buzz-saw every evening. ‘Green Grocers’ are the loudest cicadas in the world and they live here, mostly in the palm tree outside my bedroom window.

What’s it like where you are?

*thanks Victoria Wood!

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19 Responses to Sydney in the Spring

  1. piereth says:

    It’s about 5 degrees here, bright, windy, and the trees are responding beautifully to the cold by going some gorgeous colours, I must get my camera out!!

    It’s the perfect day for a long hike through the woods and out onto the hilltops, then stopping off along the way for some mulled wine and mince pies. I’m wearing a huge fluffy turtleneck and my hiking boots. We had oxtail stew for dinner last night, the last word in rib-sticking grub. I love the Autumn!

  2. This weekend has been a major cold-snap. Just when I needed warm weather for family reasons. Should warm up again this week. My potted herbs and vegetables are all sprouting away merrily.

    Those jacarandas are wonderful.

  3. piereth says:

    They are really beautiful, truce. Lovely photo.

  4. Jenny says:

    The wind has blown all of the colour off of the trees so it’s looking pretty bare out there. It’s -1C. I had a little bit of wet snow to brush off of the van this morning. We’re getting ready for Halloween tomorrow! I’ve decorated my office with a motion activated head – I’ve scared 3 people so far! YES!
    Happy Halloween!

  5. Ed says:

    Leaves in UK reaching peak: absolutely beautiful array of reds-browns-yellows. Lowering Autumn light catches them at different angles, rendering them clearly against a sometime apocalyptic sky. Wind blows them off when they flutter in contrast to the trees they came from; piles of dry brown ones everywhere you look (and kick them of course). Of new and weird urban interest: the ‘leaves look like they are a permanent fixture on the pavement installation’. Of rural interest: recent visit to Forest of Dean utterly stunning.

    Clocks went back on Sunday which baffled most people – most notably this year were the people who rely on their digital doohickeys (like me) to organise their lives in lieu of any organisation skills or short term memories – so the clocks went back and so did their digital doohickeys move the time, but weirdly their appointment times all changed, creating some confusion.

    Lawn mowed for the last time, weed and feed applied.

    Terraces complete on allotment, manure to arrive on Saturday.

    Wood and coal in the cellar, chimneys swept, cats shedding again (although that’s hardly seasonal) and very full of fleas so now proud owners of flea zapper juice *and* flea collars. Shutters for windows being made and the first of the big colds has swept across UK offices…

    plus ca change

    enjoy Oz


  6. It’s cooling off here. Nice and crisp in the mornings, the trees are in the middle of their change to autumn colors. I have saffron crocuses and chrysantemums left in the garden. Still waiting for our first hard freeze, the winter greens are growing nicely and we’ll be putting the cold frames over them in the next couple of days. Not today, though, Jim had a nice prostate biopsy done today and is forbidden from doing anything more strenuous than walking to the bathroom and to the dining table for two days.

  7. Christmas decorations up in shops? Check.

  8. truce says:

    Thanks all of you, that was a fantastic response and transported me all over the world and into the wonderfully descriptive pictures you drew.

    Cheered me up no end – I love Autumn, so I’m enjoying it vicariously through all of you πŸ™‚

  9. truce says:

    Thanks all of you, that was a fantastic response and transported me all over the world and into the wonderfully descriptive pictures you drew.

    Cheered me up no end – I love Autumn, so I’m enjoying it vicariously through all of you πŸ™‚

  10. nursemyra says:

    love the jacaranda shot. I’m in sydney too so can’t transport you anywhere

  11. ombudsben says:

    LOL, re the air conditioner v. open windows debate. It is autumn here and all morning long it’s dark, especially when overcast, until I am well on my way to the office. Daylight savings this weekend will help some, but the lid of winter is coming down. We’ll get some color here when the gingkos turn yellow, yet I miss the reds and yellows of maples, elms, oaks, birches and aspen in the east.

    Ths year I will experiment with uprooting, trimming, and potting our most productive tomato plants and keeping them warm enough to survive, as I’ve been told it gives you a jump start next spring.

    Enjoyed the reminder of spring there, very refreshing.

  12. azahar says:

    Mmmmm… fabulous jacarandas. It’s still getting up to about 25ΒΊ here in Sevilla most afternoons, so I haven’t had to give up wearing sandals yet. But yeah, since the time change it’s getting darker sooner and I’ve had to put on a sweater in the evenings when Nog & I go out for a rioja or a tapa. Still pleasant enough to sit outside on the terraces but I seriously have to do the wardrobe swap-over soon.

    No Christmas stuff on sale here yet, though they are starting to put up the street decorations and lights, which will be turned on December 8th (the night of the Immaculada). Hard to imagine that a month from now it will feel colder inside the flat than outside (no central heating, or even balcony doors that close properly, here at casa az ) and I’ll be going to bed wearing layers of pj’s and socks. Not a pretty sight! πŸ™‚

  13. azahar says:

    Eep! I think my last comment went into spam – help?

  14. azahar says:

    Oh no, there it is … right, just delete these last two post, please. Ta!

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  16. mothergoose says:

    Jacaranda — I was wondering what it was — how gorgeous! And here we are thinning the iris beds and lighting the furnaces, and making soups. Makes me want to jump on a plane and go adventuring. Not the domestic bits (I like those) — the jacaranda. Just to see something bright and unfamiliar.

  17. piereth says:

    Mothergoose, where are you? x

  18. truce says:

    Hi nursemyra, glad you dropped by, I’ve just laughed like a drain reading your site so I’ll definitely be back πŸ™‚

    Ombudsben – I love gingkos. I especially love that they’ve been around since the dinosaurs. I admire such beauty in such old age!

    Az – no central heating here in Sydney either, in most homes. So winter can get surprisingly chilly. I have a lovely mental picture of you and Nog out for your tapas in the evenings, all sweatered-up and cosy but still determinedly clinging to the sandals!

    Mothergoose – there’s something wonderful about the unfamiliarity of the plants over here. They really surprise you with colours and scents you normally only come across in scented candles and posh soaps…

  19. mothergoose says:

    Piereth — New Mexico, southwestern U.S. — high desert– not a jacaranda in sight! Truce – travelogues can show us how things look — but how they smell is the real deal (for good or bad).

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