Things That Go Bump in the Night


A story with accompanying picture from a friend of mine…

My dad said he heard an almighty crash one night from the room that was formerly mine, but when he went in he found nothing amiss. Then he went in the next day and in the sunlight he could see white pigment from the wings of a bird that had evidently crashed straight into the window with a large force. He thinks it was an owl—ouch! I thought the expression was ‘as blind as a bat’… I thought owls were renowned for their excellent eyesight?

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2 Responses to Things That Go Bump in the Night

  1. ombudsben says:

    I think an owl is still confused by anything transluscent, if that’s possible in this situation.

    But I do know the expression “wise as an owl” is misleading. Even for birds, their brains are quite small.

  2. truce says:

    Yes, I think they just look wise because of their big eyes somehow… but parrots and even crows are way smarter 🙂

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