One of those days / weeks / months

I am having one of those days. In fact, one of those weeks. Let’s face it, pretty much one of those months.

November 2007 is turning out to be stressful and wakeful and generally full of badness for all sorts of tedious reasons with which I won’t bore you (or myself).

But I just wanted a small whinge.

I’m sure it will all be fine again soon and hey, at least its not raining, right?

*squares shoulders and resolutely ploughs on*

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18 Responses to One of those days / weeks / months

  1. My sympathies. I seem to be having that too. I know the source and it will pass.

    And at least it isn’t snowing.

  2. ombudsben says:

    I think you’re being gyped. It’s spring for you. The days are supposed to be getting longer, brighter, and better. It’s not like you’re stuck here north of the equator with the dwindling light and the gathering gloom.

    If I were you, I’d ask for my money back. (And if you find out where that window is, could you tell me?)

  3. piereth says:

    Know what you mean, bunster. I trudge. I soldier on. I wait for Christmas, which despite everything has the capacity to be wonderful. I’m forgetting that January is around the corner for the moment.

    Hope you are free of those megrims soon, sooner, soonest!! xxxxxxxxxxx

  4. I don’t suppose this has anything to do with the Married Guy dynamic? Or more work than time? Well, things will get better. I promise. Take time to take care of yourself, dear. Come visit my blog and maybe you will be able to start counting your blessings. Or at least say to yourself, “Gee in 25 years I’ll be able to write the most amazing stories about my life!”

  5. truce says:

    Bobby – my sympathies to you, too – in the immortal words of Louis Armstrong “we’ll pool our blues” and hold on in there!

    ombudsben – yes, the sun is shining and being able to head to the water for a dip without losing vital extremities is a real bonus… but I didn’t sign up for the rest of the nonsense I’m currently dealing with. Overall its not that I don’t want to be here, its more that I don’t want to have my current problems anywhere… if you see what I mean. 🙂

    piereth – yep, slapping a smile on is our way. Families, who’d have ’em? Roll on the festive season’s festivities…

    hmh – no, the Married Guy thing is just a minor irritation, but yes, more work than time definitely, plus a family drama thousands of miles away in the UK which is having serious financial repercussions for me here – despite the fact it was not of my making – on top of which I have been badly bitten by mosquitos… and my skin is oversensitive so it has reacted by swelling up and itching like crazy, antihistamines not withstanding… sorry, I started whingeing again there. I am being sensible and looking after myself, trying to get enough sleep and eat healthily. I am on my way over to your blog right now, your garden is always a balm…

  6. Snow! Arrrrrgghhh! Then again, it is November and I do live in a frozen wasteland. So, it is to be expected.

    It isn’t the first snow though. I do like the first snow. My littlest was really excited for the first snow and pranced about naked cheering the snow. I suggested going out dressed that way but the suggestion was sensibly turned down. Sometimes, I’m not a sensible parent.

    My current problems aren’t really my problems. I was feeling sad for a friend who had a tragedy.

  7. truce says:

    Ah, yes, the closest I get to a frozen wasteland since moving here is when I stand in the path of the air conditioner…

    I love snow 🙂

  8. azahar says:

    I love snow

    Clearly this is spoken by someone who has never been to Winnipeg, Canada in January (or even in April …).

  9. Ed says:

    Chin up sweetie. Change is the only constant.

  10. truce says:

    You’re right az, I love snow in picturesque doses which do not inconvenience me… 🙂

    Ed, yep, thanks poppet, and it IS changing already, so its all good…

  11. ombudsben says:

    Az. & Truce: I was ok with snow through the holidays. Even really thru January, when the water stayed locked up as ice.

    It was February that got me. When it would get covered by exhaust and dirt and salt and get filthy; and then thaw and freeze and thaw and freeze into ugly sludgy black ice.

    I do not miss snow in February. But that first snow of late autumn, often on a still evening, falling white though the bare tree limbs … I miss that.

    Or the mornings waking to find it outlining every branch and twig in white — that was magic.

  12. That first snow is pretty — it makes the world look like magic faery-land.

    As a resider in a northern hemisphere frozen wasteland, I can say that while the February, March, and April kind of snow that you (ombudsben) described is not the sort of thing that brings me good cheer, it is the (rare) snow in July that really disturbs me.

    So, truce, I hope all this talk of snow has made you feel wise in your choice of not living where it happens with regularity. I’m back to feeling my normal cheerful self.

  13. Hmmm, I see idetrorce has been here as well – with exactly the same message for you as for me.

    I have always been fascinated by people with photographic memories – I had an ability to read a book and keep all the facts in my mind. Not the exact words because I learned to read in phrases so that even now, I do not see individual words. However, age is taking its toll and i find myself forgetting much more than I remember – so much so that I can now read a book twice. Just so long as the readings are seperated by a year or two 🙂

  14. Oops – how did this get onto this post? It was meant for the seven weird things post – Waaaaaaa

  15. truce says:

    Mmm, interesting point Archie, about how one learns to read in the first place – I wonder whether that will materially affect the memory of the current generation who are being taught to read phonetically?

  16. Truce, Speaking completely hypothetically, and not even thinking of anyone in particular, do you think people who “snigger” should be treated as spammers? Especially if’n their name begins with a “a”?

    That reading in phrases thing was just my own special weirdness. It has left me unable to spell or even pronounce a lot of words. But my teachers all thought I was brilliant! Unfortunately, I believed them.

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