Welcome to the World


You know how I was complaining about my siblings? Well, I take it back. On 24th November at 7.30am GMT, my brother and sister-in-law brought a new member of the family into the World, and I couldn’t be happier.

Her name is Beatrice. Isn’t she cute? Just look at the punk hair.

I’m really looking forward to being part of her life as she grows up, and helping her along.

She was conceived with IVF and, although all babies are special, somehow I feel this makes her even more special… possibly I’m biased, of course!

Mother and baby are both recovering well. My brother is proud and I’m emotional.

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10 Responses to Welcome to the World

  1. piereth says:

    Fantastic news, and what a beautiful girl. Families are that complex we’d never choose to have them – except at times like this. We can want to bash their heads off’n a big rock and love them so much it hurts, simultaneously.

    I bet they’re as pleased and proud as pashas, and so they should be. Yippee!!

  2. Woodpigeon says:

    Oh my! She’s beautiful! Is this your first time being an Auntie?

  3. truce says:

    piereth – nail on the head, as ever! 🙂

    Woodpigeon – thanks, yes, isn;t she? And although I am a Godmother this is my very first time as an Auntie. Its almost as good as having children of my own 🙂

  4. How wonderful. When will you get a chance to head North and visit her?

    PS; Being Auntie is so much better than being Mum. You can give them back – same as with grandchildren. [evil grin]

  5. Jenny says:

    Look at her wonderful hair! You can buy her little ribbons and clips! She’s gorgeous!
    Congratulations Auntie Truce! You know, aunties always have gum in their purse. Plus, nieces tell aunties things that they don’t tell their mom! You’re very lucky!

  6. bosquechica says:

    She’s beautiful — I love the hair too! Baby girls are fuuun to dress. Congratulations!

  7. truce says:

    Thanks Archie – I hope she’ll be coming over here with Ma and Pa in February, while she’s still small enough to sleep through most of the flight! I can’t wait.

    Jenny – I know, isn’t she beautiful? I will absolutely be one of those nice Aunties with pockets full of good things 🙂

    Bosquechica – I have already started buying cute Australian things for her, she’s just so cute! Thanks!

  8. Very beautiful niece! And being an Auntie is much better than being a parent. You can admire, play, have fun, and then hand them back to the mamma when they start being pills.

    Congratulations to your brother and sister in law!

  9. azahar says:

    How adorable! And that’s great that you’ll be seeing her in person soon. I bet you’ll have quite a nice Beatrice photo album by the time they go home again.

  10. truce says:

    Thanks hmh, I have to say, as I was laying by the pool in the shade, quietly reading my book and looking forward to a peaceful and relaxing afternoon on my own yesterday, I was glad I didn’t have to entertain any boisterous children!

    Thanks az, yes, I can’t wait to see her and hold her and generally welcome her into my life. And I will undoubtedly go nuts with photos!

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